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Artisan, woman-empowering popcorn to your door: Stella's Pop Kern

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Stella's Pop Kern is an company that was a food truck birthed out of Kristina Kern's experience as a high-end caterer in Washington, D.C. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! The company is named after her pre-teen daughter. She simply grew tired of have a boss, "people telling (her) what to do, especially men."

She's constantly creating new and exotic flavors for popcorn . . . she's a born foodie and her house is filled with organic staples. You've probably read about her or heard about her on WAMU,, The Washington Post. So now, you can get her popcorn sent directly to your door.

Popcorn is a fun thing to set out for company. Stella's Pop Kern comes in some gourmet flavors, too, in case your party is extra swanky. Some of the flavors are more pronounced, while others are quite subtle.

White Cheddar Dusted with Old Bay would be a must for entertaining in the DelMarVa area. Order some for your Preakness parties! Serve with Bloody Marys or beer. The Old Bay packs a punch!

Charred Jalapeno with Lima Fresca Sea Salt has a subtle flavor, with freshly-made tortilla taste.

Black Truffle with Sea Salt has a decent amount of black truffle flavor and would be something very elegant to set out for friends.

Zesty White Cheddar is very cheesy, but in a sophisticated way . . . and no artificial colors!

Clarified Butter with Brazilian Sea Salt is not phony tasting or overly salty, like sometimes movie popcorn is and like how always comedy club popcorn is. It’s got a rich, buttery taste.

There are sweet varieties, too. Salty Caramel has light, crispy sweetness. The salt adds the addictiveness. It has a rich, buttery caramel flavor.

Dark French Chocolate Drizzled with Coconut is like a candy bar in popcorn! It’s very chocolatey and coconutty.