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Artisan wants to create Legend of Zelda themed advent calendars

The photo of the actual advent caledar was too small to be accepted by Examiner's software.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Nintendo brought the world the action-adventure role playing game when the origional Legend of Zelda game appeared in the 1980s. The popularity of the Japanese video game developer's franchise has allowed Nintendo to sell many different forms of Zelda themed licensed merchandise. A consumer can even buy a tri-force belt buckle. There is one pop culture item that Nintendo has overlooked. There are no Legend of Zelda advent calendars. Matt Fox plans to change this if he completes his kick starter campaign.

Fox plans to create his own Zelda-themed advent calendars. He conceived the idea when a friend of his noticed that the game contained twenty four masks. The number of masks coincides nicely with the number of slot on an advent calendar. The first few calendars will focus on video games, although the creator intends to delve into other pop culture areas. Fans of other video game franchises will eventually see their favorite characters made into an advent calendar.

The project remains in the planning stages. If Fox and his co-conspirators can raise less than a thousand dollars, they will begin production. Each board will contain twenty-four masks each with a prize inside. At the moment, there are no plans to make an advant calendar with model clay pots, although this would delight Zelda fans of all ages. The Majora's Mask calendars will be hand-carved with a wood background, according to his original press release.

Anyone who wants to donate to the project or get more information about it, can find it here. Batman, Pokemon and other pop calendars will follow if the first campaign is successful. Sega fans will eventually see their favorite Sega and Playstation characters featured on such a calendar. The prizes found within each calendar may even be related to the characters that appear on the outside.

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