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Artisan Seeds and Baia Nicchia Farms develop new tomatoes

Artisan Tomatoes, like none other

Artisan Seeds opens the doorway to an adventure in growing new lines of tomatoes and other vegetables that gardeners everywhere can be a part of. Owned by Baia Nicchia Farm located in Sunol, CA and in collaboration with Viridis Aquaponics, Artisan Seeds has the mission to breed cultivars of tomatoes which have never before existed.

And anyone who wishes to and who can get to their workshops in April and May can participate in the excitement. This lets out a number of folks who do not wish to travel from the east coast for example, but should be of great interest to California gardeners.

Artisan also works with new strains of squash and pepper plants, developing new and unique, true breeding cultivars.

Several of these strains are available through and for the time being, only through, Johnny’s Seeds and A.P. Whaley Seeds.

Want to breed new veggies but do not wish to travel to California to find out how? Why not contact Artisan Seeds directly; perhaps you can work something out. It is worth the E-mail.

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