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"History" 2010 Hand-woven tapestry 36" x 20"
"History" 2010 Hand-woven tapestry 36" x 20"
Artist: Erin Riley

ARTillery is a group of local artists who are emerging from the community. Groups leaders are Eric Rausch, Kate Dowell, Jesse Mills and Lisa Belsky. This group is focused on showcasing and selling a variety of work. With a mixed media approach, ARTillery, located at the South Campus Gateway in the Shoebox, has a variety of work for the public to purchase and view. From glass to ceramics to sculpture, all art forms are appreciated. T-shirts and prints are available too.

Each month ARTillery has a featured artist. This featured artist program gives artists an opportunity to use a gallery space for a whole month. They are encouraged to give an artist talk on their opening reception, which each month will be held on the first Thursday. This Is Not a Coincidence was last months show by featured artist Dan Gergeman. The content of his work is satire of the modern American man, woman and child. 

This months show After began February 3rd. Artist Erin Riley is a tapestry weaver. She hand dyes her own wool and works within the limits of the craft.  She finds her imagery from contemporary tools such as social databases (i.e. facebook) on the web. Her content is rich in the research of topics like death, trauma and family structures. She often looks for commonalities within these topics to make sense of family histories and the like.

With extensive exhibitions Riley creates works that have accidents and mistakes caused by the flawed nature of the human mark. She works within the limits of her craft and abating the use of weaving to be a physical marker of time, loss and the emotive experience of labor.

Time and Place

  • After February 3 - February 27, 2010
  • Located at 1570 N High St. in the South Campus Gateway on the Ohio State Campus
  • Hours are Wed-Fri 2-7P and Saturday 12-7p

For more information please visit ARTillery on the web


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