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Articulately Affirmed Political Views Better Than Orthodox Cynicism

He has important things to say.
He has important things to say.
Michael Lipphardt

Michael Lipphardt should learn to read a newspaper before he insists that he deserves a job. Perhaps if he understood the function of the newspaper’s "opinion" section, he wouldn't have assailed the "knowledge" and credentials of myself and Mr. Thieleman. Especially given the fact that I have worked several years in politics and public policy at state, national, and local level.

The opinion section allows the editorial staff and the readership to express viewpoints without the constraints of objectivity. The fact that this section exists in most newspapers is an acknowledgement that opinions are valuable and stand apart from traditional newspaper journalism.

Although my letter was better written and my assertions are more verifiable, Mr. Thieleman and myself gave clear and sincere assessments of our views. That is what those of us in the business of opinion advocacy call “the marketplace of ideas”. Given his status as public policy major, I would have thought that Lipphardt would have heard of it.

Writers often make the mistake that they have an intelligent and curious readership that can entertain thoughts and ideas with which they do not necessarily subscribe to fully. However, Mr. Lipphardt teaches us that some readers will persist in using orthodox cynicism and trite sarcasm as a substitute for actual intelligent thoughts. To say, essentially that “everyone is wrong and everyone is stupid” is a very safe and easy position to take. It’s a form of intellectual cowardice that no doubt helps Lipphardt appear as though he has something helpful to contribute.

We will see if it helps him get a job. If he doesn’t though, he will probably place unattributable blame on President Obama. Look for it in the opinion section of your local newspaper.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a response to Ignorance prevalent in both praising, panning of Obama from The State News.



  • Wow... 5 years ago

    Wow dude. Take a chill pill. I just read Michael Lipphardt's article, and he is right. Why are you so defensive about someone who is just trying to state an opinion? Smearing his face across your blog just furthers his point that you are a radical left-wing nut job who doesn't know what they're talking about.

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