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Article Marketing: 4 Top Tips To Increase Inbound Site Traffic and Sales

Article Writing
  Write Your Way To Profits




Are you wasting your time with writing social media-related articles and article marketing because you do not know how to properly write them? To make your marketing efforts work, you must provide valuable content and not just simple rambling. You have to make them want to learn more from you, visit your site and purchase your products.

It is vital that you are providing highly targeted and laser focused information if you want to reap the benefits.

Often, people ask me how to do it. Here is what I tell them:

1)  Start by using Google's keyword tool and locate one hundred varied keywords related to your niche, write one article per keyword, then submit all the articles to article directories.

2)  Make sure within the article you include a hyperlink not only in the Bio block to your site, but most directories also allow at least one self-serving link in the body of the article. Have one in the body of the article that links to a free manual or additional information on the subject. preferably on your website. This will increase the number of high-level inbound links through various social media sites. In your bio resource block have a link to your website and let the reader know they can sign up for your newsletter or download a free report. In the process you are gaining their name and email address.

3)  Set up an autoresponder series for the newsletter signups asking the recipient what their toughest roadblock is in their specific business area.


4)  Use the information you collect in #3 to write future articles. This will direct the information specifically to your subscribers. You can also use this information to market relevant products and services to them. 

By the way, do you want to learn more advanced techniques on how businesses use article marketing and social media? 

If so, read about and download my brand new free industry research white paper Social Media: A Primer 

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  • ethel 5 years ago

    greaat tips & information

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