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Arthur Treacher's fish-and-chips comeback targeting Rochester


Arthur Treacher seems to be making a comeback. Not THE Arthur Ttreacher, of course. The English character actor passed away back in 1975 on Long Island. However, decades ago he had licenses his name to a fish-and-chips restaurant chain. It dwindled away, but now is bouncing back.

Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips on Monday opened its third restaurant in the Rochester suburbs. The location, in Avon, joins those in Webster and Irondequoit that opened earlier this year. They are owned by Salvatore "Soccer Sam" Fantauzzo, who has a chain of pizzerias in the Rochester area.

Fantauzzo earlier announced that he has secured a franchise agreement with Nathan's Famous, which now owns the Arthur Treacher's brand, to open 20 of the fish-and-chips spots in the Rochester region over the next several years. He said his plan is to open five a year. Fantauzzo also owns the Rochester Lancers indoor soccer team and 29 Salvatore's Old-Fashioned Pizza outlets in the Rochester area. Unfamiliar with the Treacher's menu? Go here for a look.