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Arthur, the anthropomorphic aardvark, is still in a class of his own.

Arthur and his animated pals
Arthur and his animated pals
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Summer is (almost) over.
Kids need to get ready for more writin,’ readin’ and ’arithmetic. That adds up to one easy easy lesson: BS Distribution is releasing four stories from PBS Kids’ popular Arthur series on the new DVD Arthur Goes Back to School.. From learning how to cope with test anxiety, to discovering your own unique learning style, this new DVD features fun and relatable school-themed adventures, along with big laughs.
Based on the children’s book series by Marc Brown, an anthropomorphic aardvark chronicles the adventures of eight-year-old Arthur through engaging, emotional stories that explore issues faced by real kids. Aimed at viewers four to eight, Arthur tells stories from a kid’s point of view, while fostering an interest in reading and writing, and modeling positive social skills. In addition to featuring the four fun-filled learning adventures below, the DVD also includes special features–printable coloring pages and activities.

Lessons, please?
To Eat or Not to Eat
A brand new candy bar is in town. But why is it making everyone act so strangely? And what exactly is this ingredient called Tri-Enzomated Zorn Jelly, anyway? Buster decides to do a little digging into these mystery chemicals before he takes his first bite but he–and all the other kids–may not find the truth appetizing.

It’s time for the kids at Lakewood Elementary to take the Stoddard-Wilkins Elementary Aptitude Test, or “S.W.E.A.T.” But with anxiety running high, it becomes clear that the kids need to learn some relaxation techniques. Luckily, Mrs. MacGrady is on hand to teach them a thing or two about de-stressing.

Baseball Blues
It’s Grebelings season and George can’t wait to play. After all, no one knows more about baseball than George. But when he realizes knowledge of sinkers doesn’t guarantee success in the field, will he throw in the towel?

Brain’s Biggest Blunder
When Brain gets teamed with Buster and Binky in the annual Arithmattack competition, he immediately enrolls Buster in binomial boot camp. Can Brain transform Buster into a mathematic marvel? Or will he be forced to eat humble pi?

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