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Arthur Brooks declares ‘Peace on the safety net’

Here is a stroke of public relations genius. American Enterprise Institute President, Arthur Brooks, supports the tone that John Boehner is peddling today at a GOP leaders offsite. Both are trying to turn the page from head to head combat and to move forward with plausible alternatives that produce results.

Arthur Brooks declares ‘Peace on the safety net’
Arthur Brooks

True to form, Brooks sticks with his faith in entrepreneurism. Why not, it works.

According to this release just received:

“Despite its ‘progressive’ agenda, since 2009 the Obama administration’s policies have left poor Americans behind. Years after the Great Recession, misguided policies and our materialistic culture are making it more difficult for poor Americans to find work and experience their God-given potential.

So it is time to differently champion the real needs of struggling families and individuals. In a new article for Commentary magazine, AEI President Arthur C. Brooks explains why free enterprise advocates must declare peace on the safety net and fight for people, not against things. Brooks outlines the scope of today's need and explains why:

  • Poor Americans need transformation, material relief, and an opportunity – in that order.
  • Conservatives are wise to embrace social justice.
  • The safety net requires smarter incentives to truly help those in need.
  • Opportunity must be unleashed for everyone, not just the well-connected.

Watch Arthur Brooks discuss with former Governor Jeb Bush why conservatives should care about social justice (clip below). And read The Washington Post's coverage of AEI's leadership on inequality issues.”


First, observe that Brooks appears with non-candidate Jeb Bush to discuss the remarks. Will Jeb Bush heed his mother’s advice and not run for President. Don’t bet on it. Jeb Bush is the best that the Republican party has as a successful governor and leader.

When AEI uses the word “transformation,” this analyst substitutes sustainable economics. Give them time. Soon, AEI will come around to embrace engineering economic sustainability. That is a life cycle extension for economists.

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