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ArtHamptons returns to Bridgehampton this weekend

Tal Portraits of Dignity at ArtHamptons
Tal Portraits of Dignity at ArtHamptons
Photo courtesy of Emanuel Fremin Gallery

This year, ArtHamptons returns to the Sculpture Fields of Nova’s Ark bringing a unique focus on contemporary Korean art, according to today (July 11). Citing a growing fascination in New York with contemporary Korean art, ArtHamptons will feature fifteen Korean art galleries bringing with them over 150 artworks, according to the art blog, added ArtHamptons on their web site today. Staten island artists, art enthusiasts, and well just about everyone will enjoy this event open to the public all weekend through July 13 for a $25 admission fee and a full tank of gas. Come to Bridgehampton Sculpture Fields of Nova’s Ark, Millstone Rd., in Watermill, New York to learn for yourself what makes the Hamptons art scene so exciting.

"Fittingly, Korean-born, New York-based multimedia artist Jayoung Chung will open the fair with her performance, Performing with You. Developed in part during her residency at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, Chung’s piece weaves together drawing, technology, and sound to create a full sensory experience," adds

Bringing together so many elements and mediums, Chung’s piece isn’t easy to describe, adds the art publication. "Using conductive charcoal, Chung will draw on paper she’s embedded with twelve strings of conductive wire. As she touches the paper with the charcoal, the strings produce digitized images and sound, with the sound, in turn, further affecting the digitized images. Drawing inspiration from her audience as they come and go, Chung will continue to draw until the paper becomes black with charcoal. The result is a multi-dimensional artwork created in real time."

Modified for ArtHamptons, Chung’s piece will be staged in front of the pavilion with two smaller monitors on the ground alongside her canvas, according to the art site.

Chung’s work reflects her training as a painter, a programmer, and a musician. After receiving two BFAs in Seoul, one in painting and another in design, Chung moved to New York City where she earned an MPS in Interactive Telecommunication Programming from NYU in 2010. As a child she learned three traditional Korean instruments. In her work she attempts to marry these interests, using her eye for visual art and design to create connections between traditional arts and new technologies. If you’re lucky enough to hold a Black Card, you can see her show outside the pavilion at 7 p.m., adds

Another highlight this year is the fair’s retrospective of Jane Freilicher, who’s been named this year’s recipient of ArtHampton’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Exhibited by Tibor de Nagy Gallery, Near the Sea: A 60 Year Retrospective highlights the artist’s long career painting the landscapes and cityscapes of her native New York, added ArtHampton.

Freilicher came of age with the Abstract Expressionists and informal New York School of the 50s, belonging to circle of prominent painters and poets including Helen Frankenthaler, Frank O’Hara, Joan Mitchell, and Larry Rivers (whose work was a major focus last year at ArtHamptons). Painting from her homes in Manhattan and Water Mill, Long Island, her distinctive pastel color palette, brushy paint strokes, and always-prominent vase of flowers reflect her technical skill and sustained commitment to a simplistic beauty and a ‘painterly realism,’ stresses

"While never quite reaching the fame of some of her friends and contemporaries, Freilicher’s work has earned her a place as one of America’s most esteemed artists of the 20th century, and her paintings are in the collections of America’s most important art institutions including The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others. On Saturday, Freilicher will be at ArtHamptons for a book signing," adds the art site.

"As for outside events, except for a bit of cloud cover, it’s going to be high 70s and sunny. Perfect for sharing war stories of your recent acquisitions at Saturday’s party hosted by the “elite and prestigious” Young Presidents Organization/World Presidents Organization (invite only) or experiencing the “thrill of social and economic exclusivity” at Sunday’s polo match (open to all ticket holders)," adds Would-be artists and collectors, or those who just love to be around art, this Bridgehampton event is worthy the trip to Long Island's art coast. The weather forecast is good and the weekend is expected to be a real winner for artists, collectors, and gallerists everywhere! Stay tuned for more coverage from Examiner this weekend.