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Art with heart - help reduce Montreal's feral cat population

Tosha is a female tabby looking for a new home through Steri-Animal.
Tosha is a female tabby looking for a new home through Steri-Animal.

It's not often talked about, but Montreal has a sizable feral/stray cat population.  Feral cats can rarely become house pets as they have spent too much time outdoors and are undersocialized with humans.  Some may carry disease that can be transferred to indoor cats.  Removing or euthanizing them is a band-aid solution, as other stray cats will move in and take up the same abandoned territory. 

The most humane route to take with feral cats is to tackle the root of the problem:  the issue of reproduction.  Since their existence is a result of poor pet ownership to begin with (not spay/neutering pets who then end up reproducing and adding to feral populations), it make sense that this should be the proper course of action.

Steri-Animal is a registered charity that is dedicated to sterilizing these feral cat populations in order to reduce their numbers (they also rehome suitable cats, such as kittens or abandoned adult cats).   An upcoming fundraising art exhibit will donate a portion of sales to help keep the Montreal cat population in check.   Below are the details: 

  • What:  Art exhibit and sale (25 artists/over 60 pieces of art with 'nature' as theme) 
  • When:  Friday April 23rd  - Sunday April 25th from 11a-6p
  • Where:  Galerie Ouest - 37 rue St. Thomas in Ste. Anne De Bellevue  
  • Info:  514-938-6150


  • montreal mental health & Montreal health exami 5 years ago

    good info my three cats are neutered and never leave the house

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