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Art: Variation on a theme

Supplies and final product
Supplies and final product
Third Row Designs

A few weeks ago I addressed the issue of art and your home. To recap, art can be basically anything from traditional oil painting, to funky hand made objects and school projects. The only real requirements are that it has to fit in the space provided and that it has to be personal. Even if you collect art, it’s much more fulfilling to have something that you have a bit of emotion attached to. This week the focus is on making some artwork. In this case it has a double function, as wall art and as coasters.

The first things you’ll need are 3 or 4 4” square gallery canvases. They are available at JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s. Next you’ll need Modge Podge, or some other decoupage glue. If you choose to use the canvases as coasters then use the outdoor, or fabric versions of Modge Podge instead of the regular paper version. For this project I used a glittery Modge Podge, which is fine, but just make sure to use a top coat of the outdoor or fabric versions to prevent moisture from ruining your art. You’ll also need scrap booking paper, or fabric scraps, scissors, a sponge brush, bowl, paper towels, and a plastic or paper bag to protect your work area.

As far as instructions, decoupage is pretty basic. Cut fabric or paper in to the desired size and adhere to the canvas with the decoupage. Make sure you put a layer over the paper/fabric as well. For this project I also cut out one of the shapes in the paper I was using for a focal point and made a series of three in the same floral theme. Another great detail is that these can go from the wall to the table, which is helpful if you don’t have much space or much art! This is a good idea for college students, studio apartment dwellers and your kids’ basement hangout.

If you are going to hang the canvases you’ll need to purchase light weight hangers in the framing department at a craft store or in a hardware store. Also, remember that groupings of art look better when done in odd numbers. Obviously if you’re using them as coasters you probably want an even number and in that case you can break it up into smaller groups or hang 4 in a diamond shape.

This is an easy, fun project that anyone big or small can do, even if you claim to be the un-craftiest of persons.

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