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Art in the streets - Part Two

Statues line the road on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. This one is a favorite.
Statues line the road on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. This one is a favorite.

In the last article we took a look at some inner-city graffiti-style art work. Many readers found it to be an interesting approach to a new, modern form of expression, the artist’s interpretation of art imitating life, while other readers just thought it was a great way to cover-up the dingy, ugly, dark underpasses while adding beauty and color to the community. It’s amazing what a few coats of paint and an imagination can do. But as promised there is a sequel to that article and this is it.

This classic example of  Art in the street.....puts a new twist on sculpture.
Photo by: Elizabeth Steinhilber

Off the wall

To begin with, when you mention art to most people the first thought that flashes before their eyes is pictures, either painted images or framed photographs. However In our fine community local artists and artisans are showing us, in their finely crafted works, different forms of art. If you’re one of those who think that art only hangs from a wall, all you need do is take a drive around the area to discover the art in the streets. From statues to sculptures, inlays to engravings, and some forms that defy description, our region contains many different examples of the results of talent and skill. Some are amusing, such as the area’s fine collection of “flying pigs”, while others are much more serious, like the historical statues that line the riverside in Covington.

But wait, there’s more
The images here and in the slideshow for this article illustrate the diversity of these works, but only scratch the surface of the vast array of pieces to be found on a sidewalk near you. As always, you’ll need to take off your lens cap and do some exploring on your own to appreciate the wealth of subjects out there. In an upcoming article, we’ll take a look (or two looks) at what makes the difference between a typical snapshot and a great photograph, so here’s a challenge for you; get out there and look for it. Forget Waldo, Where’s Art?


  • CincyShutterbug 5 years ago

    Wow, I've seen a few of these here and there, but I guess I never realized just how many pieces of "art" there are in this area. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Lyndi 5 years ago

    Nicely done. like always. =)

  • julie 5 years ago

    Cool, I like the fish too!

  • Lyndi 5 years ago

    Nicely done. like always. =)