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Art: Steam Release

As we all know, art can make people feel good. Feeling down? Other than a small child, no one comes out of an art shop, studio or gallery feeling any kind of negative. People go to these places to escape life's nasties like sadness, frustration and stress but what about anger? Can art help blow off some steam?

Absolutely. Anger is an emotion and like any emotion it can be vented through art. Generally speaking, people usually blow off steam in a physical way. Some tell a friend of the situation and others hit the gym and work it out of their system. Those who consider hands on art media as a physical one find art as very therapeutic. Woodworking, ceramics and metal working are what everyone considers to be physical or hands on but all artists consider their own media to be. It's not so much having something to distract from the anger but more as a way to work through it. They like to see progression. Artists are extremely visual people and more often than not they put an image to what they feel. The perfect way to make progress working through it is to put emotion to media. Some can be very literal while others are more of a metaphorical nature. Some have no problem showing the world what is going on in their heads but others not so much. That doesn't mean that either or will show up strictly in their artworks. There are some who lean more towards an abstract style but may be one of those who shout their emotions from the mountain top. Although they share with anyone and everyone their art may not necessarily depict this if their style leans more towards some form of abstract. Others are just the opposite. Their art style may be more of a realism type and sharing anything about the negatives in life is not in their nature to do. Of course this is assuming that these artists only work in one style. As many already know, most artists have several styles that they work with when it comes to their artworks. In this case, those who share everything with the world around them, will have no qualms with showcasing their art that tells a part of their story. Those who don't, will most likely have a public showcase and a private one. The public one will showcase what they are comfortable with sharing with the world. The private one is simply for their own benefit. Whether or not an artist is the kind to wear their heart on their sleeve, all appreciate having that physical reminder of a point of significance in life. Why? These particular works signify that what's been accomplished so far, the world will not stay grey forever, growth, an end to a personal hardship, an ebbing of anger, etc. Each artist has their own thing, their own way of dealing with life's anger as do we all, sometimes they just use what they know and understand to work it out.

Yes, art is a way for people to work through their issues, even anger. Everyone deals with life negatives in their own way, artists just happen to be able to put an image to it through what they create. Artists aren't the only visually minded people in the world and those who aren't like to see those images so that they know they are not alone. Art can help make that happen.

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