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Art Rapture and Freedom City Apparel present Live Free Revolution

Art Rapture and Freedom City Apparel present Live Free Revolution
Art Rapture and Freedom City Apparel present Live Free Revolution
Freedom City

Art Rapture and Freedom City Apparel are proud to present a joint venture event at the famed Gallery 69 dubbed the “Live Free Revolution” set for July 12th. The evening will serve as a fashion event for limited edition pieces for Freedom City’s Fall/Winter line. In addition, the street wear apparel company will unveil an ad campaign of the same name created by its founders Alfonso and Alvin Garcia. The ad campaign is one that promises to embody the multilayered ethos housed inside the Freedom City brand.

The event is to be sponsored by Bacardi and Brooklyn Brewery who will supply their high-end products to those in attendance all evening. Music for the evening will be supplied by DJ RR. Select images of this campaign will be on display at the gallery and up for sale along with select items presented by Freedom City Apparel.

The overall scope of this event is that the two movements are joining forces to push their platforms to an even higher level. Both brands are international ones and will continue to be so for years to come. Freedom City’s “Cool Kids” attitude and Art Rapture’s “What We Do” mantra go hand in hand to create a flawless symmetry on both social and cultural levels. The two entities gathering for an event is the perfect example of high-end class meeting a blue collar or shall we say “Blue Chip” attitude. Aside from producing the ad campaign BHM will be responsible for all media coverage of the festivities as part and parcel of its partnership with both entities.

The night will not only serve as an international affair but it will prove to be scorcher that is steeped in the true spirit of Americana. The event will prove to be hotter than July to say the very least. The three entities involved are guaranteed to knock it out of the park even before all is said and done. In closing we will leave you with a quote that is synonymous with the tradition of our country’s great pastime issued by the late Ralph Kiner.

“Singles hitters drive Fords, home run hitters drive Cadillacs.”