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Art Opening in Downtown Joshua Tree Saturday Night

Bret Philpot work on canvas "Bloodline."
Bret Philpot work on canvas "Bloodline."
Bret Philpot

If you read this column regularly, you have probably wondered “what exactly is this Joshua Tree 'scene' that he keeps talking about?" Ask no more. If you’d like to see all the good things the boho population of J-Tree has to offer, stop by Red Arrow Gallery Saturday night, February 6th, any time after 6:30, and check out their Hi-Desert flavor.

Red Arrow has been a mainstay on the high desert art scene for some time now, but a change at the top – Katie Shaw becomes the new owner and curator – heralds many other promising developments for the venue. First of all, the gallery has moved. Drive past the old Red Arrow Gallery (marked by a 20 ft high red arrow) into JT Village and look for the new 20 ft high red arrow on the opposite side of the street. Red Arrow has taken over the space long occupied by the venerable Beatnik Café, and Red Arrow promises some of the same good qualities the Beatnik once offered, including the desperately needed free wifi! Red Arrow has plans to serve coffee and snacks, and provide a comfortable place to stretch out when you’re killing time in The Tree.

Red Arrow will also be providing the opportunity to check out some excellent fine art. Painter Bret Philpot has become synonymous with the Hi-Desert art scene, and his latest series will be unveiled at the show. His paintings are large and abstract, and work well in Joshua Tree, as they reveal both the urbane and the remote qualities of the area. The artist will be on hand at the opening, and their will be a variety of performers working the room all night.

You can also count on some first class people watching. If you don’t spot at least one Joshua Tree hipster’s fixed-gear bike, I’m buying the next round!

For more information, check out the Red Arrow Gallery website. Red Arrow Gallery is located in Joshua Tree Village on 29 Palms Highway (Rt 62).