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Art on the go with the new DohVinci

This is a fun kit for mess-free art anywhere!
Angele Sionna

My 6.5 year old daughter Ellerie is really, really into art. She draws every single day, practicing different animals and creating new storyboards plotting out the adventures of her creations. She loves to paint and scrupt and any and everything else art-related. She also loves to try new art toys. So she was super excited when the makers of DohVinci sent us their DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio to test out.

The product takes Play-Doh and makes it squirtable in a thin & artistic way, basically. This kit comes with four tubes of pretty colored dough, a squirting mechanism, and several blank boards to create on. It all goes in a nice handy dandy carrying case that makes this a great kids travel kit (better for airplanes than cars unless you have a table top set up in your car, though it could be done either way).

Ellerie LOVED this product. She thought it was so cool to create 3D art. She said she felt it was like "painting and drawing put together" without spilling or having to clean off brushes. Changing colors was easy (and neat). Putting it up for later was also easy. Everything has a place to click into so she knew right where to put it all and she closed it up and brought it with her in the car "just in case she was bored somewhere else we were going."

There are lots of other DohVinci art kits, all of which seem to be aimed at girls with their color scheme and designs but artistically-inclined boys would love playing with it too. The only thing Ellerie didn't like was that the big tool made it hard for her hands to get all of the designs exactly as she wanted them. She would like a smaller art tool to load the dough into, maybe more like a pen shape she says. Her hands started to hurt after playing with it after a while, which she didn't like. Still she got it back out later to play with again.

All in all - a great present for art-loving kids age six(ish) and up (due to the large device). Great for occupying kids neatly in confined spaces - like an airplane or airport or hotel room or restaurant table even. But also great for everyday at home fun without a lot of cleanup and no supervision required. It is very easy for kids to do themselves.

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