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Art of Holistic Living: Kwatamani Style

In society there is a constant need to separate everything into categories and sections, such as education from entertainment, food from medicine, family from community and so on. But as the individual gets in touch with the essence of his or her being, it becomes clearer that it actually all flows together as an art; the art of living. With this awareness or wholeness, an holistic lifestyle begins to make more sense. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word holistic is defined as "relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts". But to get a better comprehension of the definition it's best to seek out those who walk the walk already, like Royal Princess Kofitte Kwatamani.

Royal Princess Kofitte Kwatamani during the 23rd Annual New Life Expo at Broward Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale.
Photo by M. Parsons
Holistic Living in a family community.
Photo from family archive.

Princess Kofitte is the eldest daughter of the High Priest Kwatamani. The High Priest is a devout naturalist and premiere raw and living foodist who has lived this way of life for over half a century. Having lived her life within an holistic family community environment, Princess Kofitte is an expert on the subject and shared her wisdom as a guest speaker at the 23rd annual New Life Expo, a two day event held at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale this past weekend. She spoke about the importance of connecting deeper with one's inner being and forwarding divine clarity onto the generation next. She also stressed the importance of honoring the elders of the community.

A significant aspect of her holistic lifestyle is the raw and living food she eats, some of which was available during the event. A few favorite dishes are, the Ole Mex Royal Platter, Marinated Spinach and Kale and Broccoli Supreme with herb sauce, to name a few. The delectable Apple & Berry Live Pie deserves a special mention, too. Also available in the Kwatamani exhibit were books authored by the High Priest Kwatamani --Raw and Living Foods: The First Divine Act and Requirement of an Holistic Living Way of Life. 7th Edition, books 1, 2 and 3 of The Prophetic 12,594-year Benu Cycle: Encoding the Consciousness of Higher Peace Through the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine Energy and several other texts on the topic of holistic living and detoxing and purging to heal.

Royal Princess Kofitte Kwatamani travelled from the tropical rainforest of Belize as a premiere feature of the Expo. The Princess' travel party consisted of the Queen Mother who expressed that she feels blessed to be part of an holistic living family community, and Brother Kahmu, who shared that this is a small aspect of an entire way of life. The High Priest Kwatamani speaks about the need to override the self-asserted will of individualism. He points out that individualistic focus on self above all things blocks the holistic perspective and prevents one's entry into the Circle of Life which requires whole life energy. He says that the individualistic self leaves one in a void and vacuum of personal pursuits that dominate and control the whole of one's existence. For example many individuals become controlled by personal eating habits that cause one to consume devitalized and depleting substances based on wants rather than focusing on nutritional needs. Thus, the individual becomes more focused on pleasing self instead of addressing the whole life requirements of higher thought, reasoning and action.

The Kwatamani family community is definitely something to behold. For more information visit

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