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Art night encourages creativity for students

colorful art work
colorful art work
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Art instruction in many schools is one of the first classes to be taken away when the school budget is stretched. There is not much time in a traditional classroom for a teacher to teach all of the other subjects in addition to providing art experiences for children during the day. Creating a piece of art work to coordinate with other subjects can be a way to provide an opportunity for students to keep art in their educational experiences even without a separate art teacher. Creating a piece of art work to enhance a reading or math lesson can encourage creativity in students. Math and science can also be part of an art experience.

Teachers at the Imagine School in Sarasota use a variety of opportunities to encourage students to include art in their learning. Students at the school are encouraged to create works of art in their classwork throughout the day. The school will celebrate Arts Night on Thursday, May 1, to give students an opportunity to display their art creations from this school year while raising funds for their school. Arts Night will be held from 6-8 p.m. on May 1. Art projects will be displayed throughout the school for purchase by parents and friends of the students.

Both a silent auction and a live auction will be held to raise money for the school. Great items have been donated from community partners. Two examples of items that will be available for bidding are tickets to the Mote Marine, and opportunities for classes at LET'S Create ART for adults and children's parties. Sarasota food trucks will be available for dinner or snacks.

The Imagine School is located at 6220 McIntosh in Sarasota. Students in pre-k through 8th grade will participate in displaying their art for Arts Night.