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Where Am I? Where Am I Going?
Where Am I? Where Am I Going?
Sheila Schwid

If you ask painter Sheila Schwid what moves her, what inspires her? She will respond that it is nature that drives her compositions, literally and figuratively. She added in her own words to Examiner exclusively tonight at Carter Burden Gallery. "First I work from nature. These works are sometimes complete in themselves. I work for compositions and color that show us the scene and the feeling of the moment," added Ms. Schwid on her website Today at The Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea Examiner asked her what drove the artist to paint the 48" x 60" 2013 canvas "Where Am I? Where Am I Going?" Ms. Schwid talked to Examiner candidly about her art and her process at the launch party for "What You See is What you Get," an eclectic exhibit of art work by senior citizens that opened last night and runs through August 21 at Carter Burden Gallery. You can see this and other works by artists who also happen to be senior citizens at Carter Burden Gallery on 548 West 28th Street, #534. Contact Carter Burden at www, for days and times you can see the work from Tuesday through Saturday.

Ms. Schwid was asked what inspired her newest painting? She told Examiner: "I took photographs from 14th Street but I saw reflections on the street. The painting is based on a photograph that has a lot of reflection." She said that her artistic process began when she saw that the photograph was stark white. "The noise, the confusion, advertising, all packed next to each other helped shape the painting that is flat with a sharp edge," added Schwid at the event.

What's next for the busy octogenarian painter. Schwid told Examiner: "My next piece will have reflection. It is very complex. People are tiny, and the cavern-like buildings are very high."

She added that in the painting "you can't tell where the reflections end and the buildings start." Schwid stressed that her paintings begin with photographs that are like sketches. Asked about the response to her newest enormous painting: "I am so excited and I am at the peak of my career." At 81 years of age, Schwid's artistic process is still emerging.

For a look at Schwid's and other artists' representations on the walls of Carter Burden Gallery, you will have to come and view the show for yourself. Staten Island art fans this is one eclectic and interesting show that is worth a trip into Chelsea this weekend. What's more the exhibit is free.

At The Carter Burden Gallery, formerly gallery 307, "What You See Is What You Get." The group gallery show by artists who are also seniors will explore representational or figurative art and its varied expressions and interpretation in a range of media, added a statement by the gallery. The group show features the work of Schwid as well as David Cerulli, Margo Mead, Sara Petitt, Angela Valeria, Thomas McAnulty, Carol Massa, John Folchi, John Wittaker, Henriette Simon Picker, Luis Stephenberg, Arnold Weschler, Olivia Beens, Kate Missett, Larry Davis, Edward Fausty, Charles Ramsburg, Robin Gaynes Bachman, Lindsay Edward Burden, Ellen Wallerstein, Flo Fox, and Liz Curtin. Staten Island art fans what you see is what you get. Now come take a first look and see why art is directional, emotionally-charged and inspirational at every age.