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Art Kids corner in Normal Heights, (San Diego) CA

July 20, 2014 Normal Heights(San Diego,CA)

Utility boxes painted by, "The Art Kids of San Diego County."  Quetza C. painted her whale constellation on this side of the box.
Howard Woodward, Photographer

Seven utility boxes all gathered together now have fresh artistic paint covering their outer shell. "The Art Kids of San Diego County," (TAKOSDC) finished their two Saturdays project giving the boxes all new appearances. The boxes are located on the corner of Adams Ave and Felton in the Normal Heights area. TAKOSDC is known for their work in the beautification of the San Diego area. Each box shows the creativity of the young artists and allows their work to be seen and appreciated by the neighborhood.

They found the corner when they were asked to paint the first utility box during the Adams Ave. Art Festival and asked if they could finish the other six boxes. Permission was granted and the kids began their work. It took two Saturdays to accomplish the task but they were able to finish this beautification project with a bit of time to spare. Kids from seven to 23 years young worked on the boxes' designs. The public passing by loved what they saw and were thankful for the kids' efforts and talents. The Art Kids are known for their talents and their incredible use of paint and brush.

It is their desire to bring a renewed interest for the visual arts within the San Diego area. Art is so very important to the important mental growth of young people. The arts allow the brain to be used in a manner that cannot be done any other way. The arts stimulate a certain area of the brain and allows it to grow in the person's creativity. Whether it be painting, drawing, sculpting, acting, singing, playing a music instrument all of these are extremely important to the proper growth of a young person's mind.

Most of the Art Kids' students are excellent at their academics and are often used by their schools for artistic projects. Ily Alfred, now 13, designed the front and back cover of Chula Vista Middle School yearbook this last school year. She also has her own business face painting and earning at least $100.00 per event. College student and still an Art Kid, Vanessa Schnurer, is having one of her paintings placed on the cover of a collection of art from the Western United States. The painting she did sell for $5,000.00. 12 year old Elian Gomez just finished working on two murals for a business in Imperial Beach, CA. The program not only teaches the kids how to become an artist but how to use their talents to earn their own money.

TAKOSDC will be at two big events in August, The Annual Pow-Wow in Chula Vista on the 2nd and 3rd and the four day event for the Tall Ships down at the Maritime Museum on the 29th, 30th, 31st and September 1st. At both events they will be displaying their art and selling it and also face and body painting will be provided at each event. If you are interested in the program you may visit their website at:

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