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Art Improv in Houston by Joe Sioufi


Article by Joe Sioufi: There is always a way to work around art, with art to show our love to art. Art Improv is held on select first Sundays throughout the year.

Each Family will choose a work of art anywhere in the museum and make friends with it, try to get to know it, spend time sketching it, writing about it, and talking about it all together in the name of "ART". After this lovely artistic experience, they will visit the studio for an assortment of materials they can use to create a work of art inspired by the new "friends" they made there and use their own imaginations to create a brad new artistic work. Isn't that beautiful?

Families can also participate in additional activities: choosing a work of art to draw at "Sketching in the Galleries" and visiting the Kinder Foundation Education Center to read a book together, check out a family pack, and lot more.

When? Sunday, July 07 - 1:00 P.M to 4:00 P.M

Where? Museum of Fine Arts: Audrey Jones Beck Building: 5601 Main St., Houston, TX, 77005

Joe Sioufi
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