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Art has no status with mayor nor city council in Imperial Beach, CA

August 24, 2014 Imperial Beach, CA

The current mayor and city council have no time for art within the city priorities. This reporter has first hand experience with the governing body of Imperial Beach. After nine and a half years of volunteering and working to beautify the city of Imperial Beach, CA, "The Art Kids of San Diego County," moved their operations to Chula Vista, CA.

Why the change? Because when it came time to repay all The Art Kid's hard work, the mayor and city council sat on their backsides while The Art Kids were prohibited the use of any public park in Imperial Beach. They had used the parks for their art lessons and then denied access to these public parks for a period of ten weeks. That is how long it took the city to decide that they were to use the six tables they then used but now only four.

The decision was based on a fraudulent complaint created by a former employee of the city. This former employee did this as a form of retaliation towards the director of, :The Art Kids of San Diego County." The director told the former employee that he did not have the authority to remove nor force any changes to murals painted on the front and sides of Bibbey's Shell Shop located on Seacoast Dr. in Imperial Beach, CA. The fraudulent complaint was based on that information that the kids were disrupting the pier plaza by their classes which had been going on for nine and a half years.

While this was all going on the mayor and his council sat around doing absolutely nothing. When asked to help with the problem the mayor's office was not available. The director remembered the favors done for the city and especially the favor done for the mayor's wife when she asked The Art Kids to help with, "Christmas comes to Imperial Beach," The kids were responsible for bringing in at that time the world's best caricature artist, Court Jones. This did not cost the city any money whatsoever. In previous years the kids have painted holiday windows, face painted the city kids for free and done utility boxes and murals for the city's welfare.

Does the mayor and his crew care about the artists? I would have to say no. Does the Mayor care how art affects not only the people but the kids within the city? Again I would have to say NO. What does the mayor care about? Well this person would have to say, "Sitting on a bar stool and drinking his daily allotment of alcoholic beverages. I think his answer to life's questions are handled by his ability to bend his elbow and consume a glass or mug of beer.

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