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Art for tots using circles


Art provides many opportunities to learn academic content such as mathematics.  Teach toddlers about the basic concept of shapes using these art activities.  Here you will find activities focused on circles.  When the art work is completed ask the children where they want their work displayed.

Circle Painted Prints

Materials: different round objects such as yogurt containers,  bottom of a spool of thread, cardboard tube, plastic cup, paint and construction paper, paper plate

Pour out a small amount of paint onto a paper plate.  Invite children to dab the circles into the paint and press onto the construction paper circle.  Allow to dry and then display.

Seeing Spots

Materials: glue, scissors, red and black construction paper

Cut a large circle from the red construction paper and several small circles from the black construction paper.  Invite children to glue black "spots" onto the "ladybug".  Allow glue to dry and then display.

Bring May Flowers

Materials:  glue, construction paper, crayons, circle stickers or circle foam pieces

Give children a piece of construction paper with stems drawn on it and circle stickers or circle foam pieces.  Encourage children to glue or stick the circles to each stem creating a flower.  Allow them to add grass, clouds, or birds.  If glue was used allow it to dry and then display.


Materials: glue, crayons, green and white construction paper, pictures of a Caterpillar

To prepare cut out 6 to 8 small green circles from construction paper.  Show children what a caterpillar looks like.  Consider reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.  Give each child 6 to 8 green circles, glue, and construction paper with a straight line drawn in the middle the paper.  Encourage children to glue the circles on the line.  Invite them to draw a face and antennas on the caterpillar.  Allow glue to dry then display.


  • Alison 5 years ago

    Super cute idea!

  • shanna 5 years ago

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