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Art for all ages at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Art and horticulture combine to bring a huge range of radiant colors to visitors' senses.
Art and horticulture combine to bring a huge range of radiant colors to visitors' senses.
L Conlin

How do they do it year after year?

Every year, the Philadelphia Flower Show not only appeals to the oldest, most experienced, knowledgeable, passionate gardeners and landscapers, but also to artists from all avenues. At every show, there is a mix of children, teenagers, students, parents, couples, clubs and seniors, who come to feel energized and inspired by the beauty of nature.

Exhibitors showcase plants, shrubs, trees and flowers, displaying nature’s materials in artful, whimsical, creative and inspiring ways that seem to attract the entire spectrum of humanity.

It seems clear that Camden Children’s Garden planned to include all visitors when they built their exhibit. Toddlers and everyone older can find a charming variety of characters and scenes to bring a smile. A richly colorful picket fence depicts diversity and cheer. Capped acorns, with googly eyes glued to them, sit on top of pine cones with tiny twig arms, to create characters that appear to be tending a miniature vegetable patch. Look closer, and you will spot a few faeries with corkscrew copper curls, and a playful cat.

This pioneering organization has a history of including all in its operation. In addition to providing educational programs, Camden Children’s Garden plays a key role in community gardening. Throughout the growing season, members of the Camden City Garden Club, meet at the Children’s Garden to share ideas and to provide fresh produce for neighborhoods located in food deserts.

Partnership always plays an essential part in the creation of the Philadelphia Flower Show. The ARTiculture theme has brought together art museums and horticulturists, and the resulting designs are spectacular. Under one roof, spring has arrived with elegance. Flamboyant, glamorous and grand settings have been staged, using shapes, colors, textures, movement, direction, and imagination to pull viewers from all walks of life into new worlds that take nature’s assets even further.

Veteran guests at the Flower Show know that a visit to the show can often take all day, in order to truly enjoy all there is to see. In addition to the plethora of plant life in the main exhibition hall, there is a “Make & Take” room, a Garden Tea room, The Butterfly Experience, wine tastings, as well as cooking, gardening and art presentations.

Embrace your love of art and spring with others at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Come prepared to fill your senses and return home with brightly colored memories of a beautiful shared experience.

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