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Art Exhibit at Wellington's Herbs and Spices

Susan M. Story and Students
Susan M. Story and Students
Agnes Rapoli

Starting this Sunday, September 8, from 2-4PM, there will be an art exhibit held at Wellington's Herbs and Spices. The exhibit will feature works of various Capital Region artists, including Susan M. Story, Bente Hirsch, Peter Keitel, Susan Lawrence, Sandra Orris, Agnes Rapoli, and Judy Scanlon. You may recognize Susan M. Story's name, as she's recognized across the nation as a "plein air" artist.

If you're not familiar with her name or works, you may be wondering what exactly a "plein air" artist is, even. It is simply a French expression, meaning "open air." In other words, her works are all painted outside. This may seem pretty basic to you, but to paint subjects with ever-changing light causes some difficulty. Imagine painting a beautiful lake scene that is sparkling bright and then within the hour, clouds move over the scene and darkness has overcome your glistening water.

For three days, Susan M. Story worked with the six other artists at Wellington's Herbs and Spices to practice "plein air" painting with pastel colors. With all of the beautiful scenery around them there, their paintings ranged from views of the gardens, fields, ponds, and architecture. The class provided Susan's students with the opportunity to paint under natural light conditions, of course, but also helped with exploring different painting styles and color options in composition and technique.

The exhibit will be held at Wellington's Herbs and Spices until Sunday, September 29, so if you don't have time to join the reception this coming Sunday, you still have the opportunity to visit and view the artwork. While you're there, though, don't forget to check out the rest of the property! There are the beautifully landscaped herb and flower gardens, stocked fishing ponds, and even the country store. The country store offers garden products, antiques, collectibles, teas, herb and spice products, dried flowers and even jewelry from the Eastwind Silver Company. You could also grab a bite to eat while you're there, as they offer a soup of the day, sandwiches, and wraps. Visiting the tea room might not be a bad idea, either, where you can get the owner's Island Tea, which is said to be unforgettable.

So make sure you mark it on your calendars, that way you don't forget. From 2-4PM this Sunday, September 8, you can visit Wellington's Herbs and Spices and see beautiful landscape paintings from talented artists. You can visit rain or shine!