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Art & Brew to include Philip Venable photography

Misty River
Misty River
Philip Venable

On April 26, 2014 seventeen local artists will be gathering at the Roseville Brewing Company in an unusual art, brew and animal lover partnership. (You can find details about the event at the announcement article here.) There will be artists from many walks of life as well as mediums within this Art & Brew collective of creative souls that are dedicated to the visual arts in their unique expressions.

Photography by Philip Venable
Philip Venable

Among those participating in the Art & Brew event is photographer Philip Venable who started shooting photographs as a kid with a Kodak Brownie. After studying black and white photography in college with an intention to go into photojournalism, he ended up in an extensive career in Law Enforcement. Life happens and plans don’t always unfold as we might imagine; however, Venable returned to serious photography about six years ago upon the winding down of his law enforcement career.

Philip now uses his retirement time to conduct a photography business. His primary subjects are often landscapes but he also loves old vehicles, unusual perspectives of random objects, abstracts and digitally enhanced photographic art. He explains that he has recently been “shooting abstracts using a color technique which enhances the detail and saturates the color of the objects” He says, “the digital technology allows me to show a subject in greater detail to let the viewer gain a profound visual experience.” Like most enthusiastic photographers, he shoots a variety of subjects in a variety of styles.

While Venable’s formal education in photography is mainly limited to some college classes that were inevitably crowded by education for a more standard career path, he has taken up the self-taught road with a keen eye and quick mind for both the technical and artistic requirements to be a great photographer. A review of some of his images expected to appear at the Art & Brew event will easily reveal his success in his art. (Please see the slideshow for samples of Philip Venable’s works.) According to Venable, the self-taught method “makes for a longer learning curve and [is] more challenging but the experience is worthwhile.”

Along with being with a part of balancing the type of artists in the event, Philip and his wife are also cat people and Art & Brew is collaborating with the Placer SPCA with a portion of proceeds going to benefit their cause. This makes it an even greater reason to be among the 17 participating artists. All of the Venable’s cats have been rescue animals with a current fur baby being one very old Tuxedo cat named Reba. They have chosen their feline pets from rescue centers like the SPCA since he says they are “in need of a good home and we can provide it.”

As far as beer goes, Philip enjoys sampling various micro brews from around the area and sees the event as a “wonderful way to spend a day.” Event attendees will surely enjoy viewing his photography that will be available for purchase along with a number of Roseville Brewing Company tasty brews. Venable intends to bring conventionally matted and framed prints, perhaps a canvas print, a metal print, and smaller matted prints. You can see more of Philip Venable’s works at his website here or at some of his other exhibits in Napa and at the Vacaville Art Gallery including being the Spotlight Artist during their annual non-juried art show in Nov. 2014.

For more event information, please see the link here. For information on other participating artists, please see the following articles. Scratchboard artist Ann Ranlett to show at Art & Brew and Gayle Rappaport-Weiland organizes Art & Brew.