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Art & Brain Exercise

Mental sharpness, keeping your noggin healthy is the key to enjoying life. Everywhere you turn people link brain training with science. That's all well and good but only half your brain is wired for anything having to do with logic. What about the other half? How does one go about giving that side of the brain a good work out?

The other half of your brain is wired to creativity and fun so work it out with art. Play with colors, read a art article, put some clay in your hands or listen to several different genres of music. Do something, anything fun and by fun create a masterpiece that doesn't have to make sense to anybody but you. That's beautiful but what about those who aren't artistically inclined? How are they supposed to get a good whole brain work out? First off expand your definition of the arts. Let's start simple, take a stroll through the countryside during the autumn and take particular notice of the colors of nature. All but the three primary colors are comprised of two or more others. So for those who want to have a serious brain train session, think of which colors are created of what primary and secondary colors. Now that's a work out. For a less intense mind work out think more on the way of shapes and size. Think of perspective and negative space. Try to remember the specific perspective of a building you passed by while out shopping. Notice the negative space between that building and the one next to it and try to determine how to draw it. That's a never ending work out. Which is a good thing cause you'll never get bored or reach the end of the line. Highlights and shadows is a wonderful place to start as a beginning reference. Sunset is a perfect time to start paying attention to light and shadow. The setting sun shines on a tree that casts a shadow on your car. Figure out the difference between the color of the tree and the car in the light and then in the shadow. Light and hues ranks somewhere in the intermediate work out range. Sunlight changes the hues of every possible color you see throughout the day. Focus on the hue of your shirt in the morning then as the day progresses look again and see how the setting sun changes the hue. Or when your best friend stands next to you in heir bright color and your shirt goes from one hue to another. These are some of the basics but you get the idea. Secondly, no one is asking for the next Picasso or Michelangelo out of you. Work your way up from finger painting if that's what works for you. It's rather shocking what one can actually learn from finger painting. The point is pick something and roll with it. As long as it's something that makes you think then it's a brain work out.

Keeping your bulb bright requires nothing more than using it. Think outside of the box, the more ways you have of coming to a conclusion, a finished piece, decision, solution, etc. the better off your brain will be. So don't be afraid to get creative even if it's not you strong suit. Creativity expands your mind.

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