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Art Biz Exhibit 3 Lynne Bernbaum

Umbrellas Tones With Orange
Umbrellas Tones With Orange
Lynne Bernbaum

Never permit a dichotomy to rule your life, a dichotomy in which you hate what you do so you can have pleasure in your spare time.
Pablo Picasso

“After 3 career changes,” says painter Lynne Bernbaum, “from Landscape Architecture to Architectural Illustration to Fine Art Painting (although related fields which involve design and graphics) I found that my 3rd choice, the one that I enjoy the most is (surprise or no surprise) the most lucrative. I never get tired of it and I can work independently or get involved in ventures i.e.; galleries, employees, partners, projects, teaching, etc. I did not invent this message, but I will repeat it; Do what you love.”

I’m drawn into Lynne’s “Umbrellas Tones With Orange” because of the compelling urgencies conveyed in it. Look at the postures of the two ladies marketing together. You can tell they were already doing something but something suddenly changed such that one took the other one’s wrist declaring a warning, with heads turning round to see, and it looks to me like they’re looking over at either the guy in the white shirt, or something underneath the umbrella in the foreground. Is that the same guy from before who they couldn’t wait to see again or never wanted to see again?

Maybe it’s some of what I said. Maybe it’s all of what I said and more. Maybe it’s none of that and I missed the whole thing. Then notice the technique, the manipulation of focal point, the use of brilliant orange in objects without heartbeats attracts the eye to the art, but doesn’t detract from the story happening in sepias. Emotions are screamingly expressed, but there are no faces. It is technique that is highly trained and skilled, but transcends the mechanics of her training into thoughts, ideas, applications, combinations, that in her body of work offers elements of things you think you’ve seen before, but never thought about before like that.

Lynne’s an original. Graduating from University of Arizona in 1978 in Landscape Architecture, using discipline and determination she carved a successful career. Then using determination she morphed that vocation into Architectural Illustration in San Francisco, San Diego, and Chicago. Notice what begins as a business-like, traditional career is allowing for an artist to blossom. Certainly with her financial and career success comes the confidence to expand the possibilities.

Not letting satisfaction creep in, on a 1988 trip to the Caribbean an epiphany occurred inspiring her to pursue a passion for fine art. She gained entry into Art Students League New York; University of California, San Diego, Laney College, Oakland, California and completed rigorous training. Lynne’s work has appeared in important exhibitions and currently exhibits successfully in Anguilla as well as galleries in Madrid, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Madrid (Spain) and Brittany (France).

Lynne says “I was living in the SFBay area for 12 years (the Architectural Illustration chapter), then an exhibition at Devonish Art Gallery in Anguilla (1994) opened up an opportunity to relocate a year later. My life, which was ready for a change brought me to the Caribbean and the Caribbean brought me more intently to painting. Painting has brought me to different subjects and most currently and as a revelation to Paint itself. Therefore, my latest series called "Paint paint."

So Lynne’s go-to-market strategy is simple. Become very successful in 1 or 2 careers, keeping options open to allow for life’s calling and be willing to take a risk. Manage the risk to becoming an artist by getting the best training possible, work masterfully to produce original product, so that she’s noticed and appreciated for her original thoughts implemented with great technical skill and noticed and represented by galleries around the world.



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