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Art, Beer, Food, Wine: tasting the local flavors in Vista California

The buzz about craft beers ~in Vista CA.While Northern California beer brewers worry about the extremely low water levels in their waterways forcing them to seek water from other sources, Vista beer brewers are doing just fine.
The buzz about craft beers ~in Vista CA.While Northern California beer brewers worry about the extremely low water levels in their waterways forcing them to seek water from other sources, Vista beer brewers are doing just fine.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The city of Vista is emerging as a younger, trendier location for creative people who enjoy life and community.

According to a recent article in the Examiner, the City of Vista is growing younger. City Manager Patrick Johnson says that the population's median age is now 31, compared to fifteen years ago when it was pegged at about 34.5 years. An Annual "Taste of Main Street," happening Wednesday June 25th this year, may just be the opportunity some readers have been waiting for to sample some of the buzz.

The local synopsis, a community profile, is provided by the City of Vista website:

"Over the last five years, Vista has experienced the greatest economic boom ever in its history, outperforming most other municipalities in San Diego County in retail sales and employment growth."

Location, location, location:

They add this:

"Vista is located in the heart of north San Diego County and is easily accessible to over 500,000 people living within a ten-mile radius."

For out-of-towners, perhaps hearing the buzz about the beer for awhile now, city officials want to also push business opportunities and transportation options.

"Vista's centralized location with respect to major transportation corridors, makes this area an attractive location for firms seeking ready access to markets in the counties of San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino. Ample permanent open space has been designated in south Vista, providing an appealing natural setting for prospective industrial users. Vista is strategically located between Southern California's largest trade centers; Los Angeles - 90 miles north, Orange County - 45 miles north and San Diego - 20 miles south."

With the 6th Annual Taste of Main Street happening Wednesday June 25th this year, check out event information and tickets. Under new leadership, the Vista Village Business Association, which works to put on events such as this one upcoming, has reportedly been rescued by the efforts of its new President Cliff Kaiser, per Pat Murphy of the online VistaPress.

Murphy also states that Kaiser, has been working as part of a team to address problems and "re-gain the confidence of the California Main Street Alliance." Working hard with all invested parties and relationships, Murphy reports, Kaiser keeps business owners informed. "News releases and E-blasts have been sent out to promote upcoming events," she writes.


Enjoy art? Vista's Downtown has a "gallery of diverse fine art. A source for workshops and classes. A unique boutique.
A community partner. A place of creativity and inspiration. A cultural destination," according to ArtBeat on Main Street, which bills itself as "the friendliest gallery in town!" ArtBeat hopes to help revitalize "the heart of Vista" in offering "an ever-changing panorama of artworks, learning opportunities, receptions, wine tastings and more."


The Vista Brewers Guild, founded in January 2012 and intending to "establish a better working relationship between the City of Vista and the growing number of breweries locating in Vista, California," boasts "ten breweries and two wineries in Vista, with several more breweries and one brewpub set to come online soon."

Need more reasons to check it out? How about the fact that "Vista Breweries won Nine Awards at the 2013 San Diego International Beer Festival."


Hungry for more? Check out a few of the eateries in the Downtown:

Urbn Pizza: Craving broccoli or neck clams on your pizza? They can do this, as well as layering more basic wants onto the pizza.

Curside Cafe: The word from this local restaurant is fresh. "John always uses top quality ingredients and spends a lot of time shopping in local markets, buying fresh, seasonal products." Entrees range from $8.00 to $11.00.


The Vista Brewers Guild also touts the commonalities shared with "microbrew cousins" in town. From their website they offer an explanation About California Fruit Wine:

"I know what your thinking; why is a winery a part of the Vista Brewer's Guild? Answer: because we have more in common with our microbrew cousins than with most traditional wineries. Like microbreweries, we purchase our input materials (fruit) and process/ferment those materials in-house, all year around."

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