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Art at the Falls Church Farmer's Market

Art at Falls Church Farmer's Market
Art at Falls Church Farmer's Market
James George

Rising early on Saturday morning to make a scheduled rendezvous with art at the Falls Church Farmer’s Market is rough duty. However, after arriving and seeing all of the vendors and throngs of lively people, everything comes to life. On the ground of what was Cherry Hill Farm, this is a most appropriate location for this community venue that even included Falls Church Arts trooping out watercolors by local artist Rajendra RC. His work in this setting just seems natural. He is a master watercolorist who paints majestic landscapes. He said this past week, “Painting is my life,” and that is a remarkable way to live. (See the slideshow).

Mike and June Beyer, sponsors who presented the Don Beyer Volvo – KIA Annual Plein Air Prize
Barb Cram

The “Farmer’s Market” is at its best this time of year as flowers, fruits, vegetables, and baked goods are arrayed by vendors who themselves have an artistic touch in how they array the bounty. Seeing the tables filled with produce is a pleasing catch for the eye.

Today, I photographed some of the products as well as the action. Some of the photos will be treated as art and framed. Some may be used for painting references.

Some funny things happened for which I used discretion in not recording, such as the Falls Church policeman who was dutifully guarding the donuts. I teased him about that.

There was an amazing bunny lady who had angora rabbits for petting, and maybe for sale. Surely they were not for eating. Oh no, too cute.

I fell victim to the baker and overloaded on bread, cinnamon buns, croissants. When my sleepy wife saw the crepe pictures she exclaimed, “We are going there next week for breakfast!”

Among the most unique items are the mushroom man and the people selling “pea” eggplant.

Heirloom tomatoes and green tomatoes are in plentiful supply. I prepared fried green tomatoes this week and they were delicious.

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