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Art: An Early Form of Relation

Everyone who has visited a fine art gallery or a studio has their favorite piece. Those several artworks that we are effortlessly able to relate to. The pieces we are drawn to. Where does that pull originate from? How is it that some people can understand a work of art at a glance?

People relate to each other through personal experience. The life lessons learned, life achievements, hardships, exceeded expectations and relationships all mold one's ability to relate with one another. It's our characteristics that we take pride in that guides people to like minds, souls, talents, hobbies and interests. Similarities always attract. Artists and art lovers alike are no different. The majority of people tend to share stories of life as a way to relate, vent or as a release. Being of a visual mind set, artists tend to do the same thing but in visual form. Because not only artists are visually wired, art enthusiasts can also find artworks easy to relate with. It's something we are all born with. Think about it, who has ever heard of a child who didn't enjoy coloring? How many times has a youngster told a story about playing with a friend or a sibling only to run into the next room to grab a picture they drew of the story? Art is an extension of natural story telling and that is one way we connect with each other. True, there are those who grow out of it but most never do. Stories are apart of life, culture, history and people. The story of an artist isn't necessarily told, it's shown piece by piece. Just as people respond to the emotion of a story they have heard, others do the same with the art that they have seen. Why is it that people relate to some works instead of others? Not all stories written are made of the same content and neither has all art. Still not seeing how the two collide? Okay try this, we relate to what we recognize. When we recognize a theme, emotion, life lesson or an experience, in a story or in art, we understand the essence of it. It's in our nature to empathize with those similar to ourselves. When we empathize, we are then able to relate. Simple. It doesn't really matter which we relate to because stories and art are each a part of the same whole.

Stories are a part of the people who share them and the same is true of the artists who share their artworks. We relate to what we experience and that is directly connected to what we hear, see and feel. Relation is a huge part of life, it's what brings us together and reminds us that no matter how few or far between there is always someone else out there who gets it.

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