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'Arsenio Hall Show' fans get free audience tickets; Hollywood’s best kept secret

Arriving at the Sunset Bronson Studios in Los Angeles, the fans of The Arsenio Hall Show line up only feet away from the entrance gate on Thursday afternoon. The guests are excited and patiently waiting for their chance to see the late night legend. According to The St. Louis American on Friday, Arsenio Hall hilariously claimed Letterman had tapped him first to take helm of the CBS show, but watching the segment live was even funnier. This exclusive report covers our trip to a taping of The Arsenio Hall Show.

The studio looks just like TV. The Arsenio Hall Show offers fans free tickets to see the show.
The studio looks just like TV. The Arsenio Hall Show offers fans free tickets to see the show.
J. Jill/picture taken by columnist
Arsenio Hall Show offers up a great opportunity to see live TV at show taping
Photos taken by J.Jill

When arriving at the gate, the staff greeted fans warmly and offered up details on the show taping process. It was simple for us (and everyone else.) Fill out a release form (because you might be on TV if the cameras show the audience,) hand over the printed ticket (reserved online for free,) pass through security and get ready for a good time. A couple hundred people arrived, but the process was fast and the seats in Studio 6 filled quickly.

Once inside, the fans experience what viewers at home don't get to see. Facing the stage, the band is off to the right side and the couch where the guests sit is on the left. The audience gets a great view of the stage where Arsenio Hall gives his monologue.

The show taping is fast. The monologue, interviews, a musical performance and audience participation during the commercials makes time slip away. Arsenio Hall does interact with the audience and he makes a point to make fans feel welcome. The social media experience of the show is exciting too. You are encouraged to whip out the cameras (as long as the show is not taping) and start taking shots. Friends and family will be so jealous to see the photos online.

Seeing a legend like Arsenio Hall is cool. Add his famous guests, the show's wickedly talented band, a few surprises and the excursion offers up a moment to remember. We recommend you make a point to see The Arsenio Hall Show in person. Guests who come to the Sunset Bronson Studios might arrive as fans of the show, but they definitely will be treated like friends.

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