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Arrow “Unthinkable” Season Finale Review

Ollie gathers his team to take down Deathstroke's Mirakuru army!
Ollie gathers his team to take down Deathstroke's Mirakuru army!

What a season two has been for Ollie and his team!

(Spoilers ensue)

‘Unthinkable’ caps a thrilling end to a season filled with twists, turns, and downright jaw dropping moments. Season one showcased an epic battle against the Dark Archer a.k.a. Malcolm Merlyn as he tried to cure Starling City through his Undertaking. Season two has been the tale of two men, one man who looks for an upswing to rejuvenate his family’s company and his mantra as a hero. The second, a vengeance filled man whose mind is taunted by the murder of his lover. The former, Oliver Queen, looks to be the hope for his city that all can look up to. The latter, Slade Wilson now known as Deathstroke, seeks to destroy not only the city, but Mr. Queen himself.

Time for a recap of season two to make sure you are up to date. Reminder spoilers remain ahead, so if you are not caught up please do not read. I do not want to be the spoiler for your entertainment.

Mr. Slade Wilson has been using such people like Sebastian Blood and Isabel Rochev as pawns. Miss Rochev was a plant inside Queen Consolidated to skew plans of righting the companies course and instead to dethrone the Queen. In the deception of Thea’s kidnapping, Isabel convinced the Board of Directors to oust Oliver Queen and to elect her as the new CEO.

The entire season Sebastian Blood has forced his hand in gaining position of Mayor for Starling City. Without some sharp handed help from Deathstroke, he may have not been so lucky to be voted in to lead the city. In turn Blood has been building an army of men infused with the Mirakuru. The very chemical to create Slade into the terminating machine he is famous to be. Slade stuck it hard to Ollie when he murdered Moira Queen, which led to Blood’s election as Mayor.

Not only did Slade kill Moira, but he let the cat out of the bag for a few vital secrets. The secret that tore the Queen family a part was Thea learning that her real father was a murderous archer bent on leveling the Glades. Malcolm Merlyn is Thea’s father, but odder is that Thea tried to hook up with Tommy Merlyn in season one, her half-brother (Gross!).

‘Unthinkable’ sets the finale in motion with a frenzy passion. With Sara Lance, finally using the moniker Black Canary, we see her descend upon the city to aide Ollie with questionable help. Her former love, Nyssa al Ghul, attacks with the League of Assassins and rally to help clear the city of the Mirakuru army. Diggle and Lyla hold Amanda Waller at gunpoint to disallow her from destroying the Mirakuru army by simply destroying Starling City with drone bombers.

Where the season finale shines is completing the story of Oliver’s treacherous experiences upon the island. Green Arrow’s showdown against Deathstroke pits them in two eras. Flashbacks of Oliver fighting Slade are diced in and out of the current battle for Starling. The nice touch is seeing Oliver prevail, with some witty help, to defeat Slade. When battling on the Amazo, Ollie ordered torpedoes to destroy the ship. This not only led to his escape, yet allowed him to ‘kill’ Slade by driving an arrow through his right eye, hence the eye patch.

The real nifty trick Ollie used against Slade was Felicity. Capturing her at the Queen mansion, Oliver knew of the cameras planted at the house. With Laurel already kidnapped by a Mirakuru monster, the Arrow knew he had to play into Slade’s hand. Felicity armed with the Mirakuru cure, she waits for her moment to strike. Landing the cure shot to the neck, Slade begins to lose strength thus evening the battle between him and his nemesis. Once Oliver is able to tie down Slade, the drone strike is waved off to keep Starling from a total collapse.

Season two sees Oliver’s life get twisted upside down. From the resurgence of Sara Lance in his life to a dispute between Thea to his mother being murdered, there is no question Ollie has not only gone through a crucible, but has overcome the daunting tasks.

‘Unthinkable’ ends the season in a high fashion, but embeds the plot in an even more interesting place than which the season began at. The duo storyline of Ollie’s backstory shows him awakening in Hong Kong at the presence of Amanda Waller. While the current day storyline shows Oliver locking up Slade in a prison located on the very island that defined their lives. Thea abandons Starling City along with her love Roy for something unknown with her father Malcolm.

The end shows Sara’s departure as she reunites with Nyssa for her own adventures. Not soon after Quentin Lance stumbling with blood profusely oozing from his mouth. Laurel is left holding her father awaiting an ambulance. What will become of Quentin’s ailing health?

The biggest question for season three concerns Amanda Waller, what did she want with Oliver Queen years ago in Hong Kong?

Also another nice touch to the finale was Roy’s appearance in a domino mask resonating him as Speedy!

'Unthinkable' weaved the entire over arcing plot together rather nicely. Even the League of Assassins were used to help stop Deathstroke! 'Unthinkable' is definitely one of the better episodes of the season, if not the best! A solid 9.5 out of 10!

What were your favorite parts to the season two finale of Arrow? Did you enjoy the climactic ending?

Stay tuned right here for the review of the entire season two story arc!

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