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'Arrow' 'Time of Death' recap: Scars, responsibility and sisters

Arrow -- "Time of Death"  -- Pictured (L-R): Robert Knepper as William Tockman, Caity Lotz as Canary, and Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak
Arrow -- "Time of Death" -- Pictured (L-R): Robert Knepper as William Tockman, Caity Lotz as Canary, and Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak
Cate Cameron/The CW

"Arrow" returned with new episodes Wednesday, Feb. 26, with "Time of Death," featuring guest star Robert Knepper as The Clock King and someone finally telling Laurel to take responsibility for her actions.

Tick tock, goes the clock (Couldn't help the reference with Alex Kingston in this "Arrow" episode.) As the episode began, Tockman had two men break into Kord Enterprises and steal something in a locked briefcase, and while he guided them through every step down to the exact second, when one got impatient and kept moving when he should've stopped, they were seen and the police got involved. When one of the guys didn't care about Tockman's speech about patience and time and "War and Peace," he killed him with a minute hand.

Meanwhile, Felicity could only really stand by and watch as Oliver, Sara and Diggle sparred and then compared scars, as she only had one from impacted teeth to offer up in the conversation. "You're so cute," Sara said.

When the dead man was found, they learned that the robbery had been about a skeleton key that could be modified to open any bank vault and knew they had to identify the brain. This guy may have been good at covering his tracks, but Oliver had faith in Felicity that she was good at uncovering those tracks just as she was feeling a bit insecure about her place on Team Arrow. (Also, had Oliver never seen Felicity in workout clothes before in all this time?)

But what Tockman didn't know was that they had two people out on the streets, so while he was able to hack their transmission while they attempted to stop a bank robbery, Canary was able to chase down the robbers into the alley (and injure Tockman enough to get a sample of his blood) while Arrow raced to keep a bus and train from colliding. Sara analyzed his blood herself and determined that he had MacGregor's Syndrome, which was terminal. Felicity was able to ID him, and it turned out he was stealing the money for his sister because she needed a lung transplant.

When Arrow and Canary found his mobile transport, however, it was empty, with only a device inside transmitting the same signal as back at the bank. Tockman was able to break into Team Arrow's network and basically told their system to commit suicide, and it listened. Oliver decided their best bet was to bait him with a large transfer to his vault, and Felicity sent both him and Sara away to her family dinner. Diggle could tell that she was upset, and while he thought it was hard for her to see Oliver and Sara together, it wasn't that. She had failed at the one thing she should be good at, while Sara was there kicking ass and analyzing blood. "You're irreplaceable," Diggle assured her.

But his words weren't enough, and she set out on her own while they baited Tockman. However, in the end, she did save the day – and Sara's life when she took a bullet for her – and was able to do to Tockman's phone what he did to her computers. Felicity had always wanted to say she had taken a bullet for someone, and after that, she could. And she'd have a scar. To help her with the pain, Diggle had given her "aspirin" (also known as oxycodone), which led to her rambling about how she used to be Oliver's girl, not his girl girl, but his girl. "You will always be my girl, Felicity," he reassured her.

The conversation that will hopefully lead to another one At Sara's welcome home party, Lance took a moment to apologize for how he treated Oliver when he first returned. "You're not a killer," he told him. He had been a kid too, and Lance knew he had been out of line for his behavior. They shook hands, and all that was left after that was the hope for a future conversation because at this point, Lance should have known since Arrow showed up with Canary so fast.

The ending you should've seen coming Thea noticed the tension between her mother and brother and claimed that Oliver was lucky his life didn’t revolve around lying because he was so bad at it when he told her everything was fine. She took matters into her own hands and set them up, sending Oliver a text to come home immediately, only for Moira to be there in the middle of a meeting. Given that the photos out for the next episode already show Slade at the mansion, who else could have been in that meeting with only a few moments left in the episode? It was time for another handshake for Oliver, this one significantly less pleasant than the one with Lance.

So much for an easy reconciliation Remember how Laurel reacted before the Olympics break? Well, she wasn't doing much better this week, as she refused to attend her own sister's Welcome Back from the Dead party. Lance was able to talk her into a family dinner by bringing the focus to a possible reconciliation for him and Dinah, but everything came crashing down at said dinner when Oliver showed up and Dinah revealed that she was not going to be moving back to Starling City. It may have seemed like the Lances had a moment at the party, but it turned out she had someone in Central City.

However, when Sara told her she deserved to be happy, that everyone did, Laurel noted the glances between her sister and her ex and knew what was going on. "It's complicated," Sara tried to explain. "Of course it is. It's you," Laurel threw back at her before leaving her own apartment. But Oliver followed her and told her to take responsibility for her own problems. "I'm done," he finally said. "I'm done taking the blame and I'm done caring. Have a drink, get wasted, go to Verdant, I'll pay for it. I have loved you for half my life. But I'm done running after you." It was something that Oliver needed to say and something that needed to be said to Laurel.

Laurel finally did take responsibility and reached out to Sara, admitting that she felt like she'd gotten on that boat with them and had been drowning all those years and just kept sinking deeper and deeper with every loss and heartbreak. When Sara returned, Laurel saw her as someone so beautiful and so alive, things she wasn't, and she didn't want her sister to hate her. That was a step in the right direction, as was Laurel finally going to a meeting with her father.

A photo from the past Back on the island, Oliver, Sara and Slade had a brief moment where they thought they might be rescued by the plane flying above them (though how they really thought the pilot would be able to hear them yelling over the plane itself was never revealed) only for it to get shot down and for them to have to try to save the pilot. Sara sent the men off to get medical supplies for the barely-alive pilot, but by the time they got back, he was dead and she was left holding a photo of his 12-year-old daughter who had no one left since her mother died when she was a baby. They were also left with a way to the freighter: a parachute.

Yes, the photo was of Sin, as we finally learned the reason for their connection (though Sin proclaiming that she just loved when people came back from the dead to explain why she hugged Sara in front of Roy and Thea was classic and another example of why there should be more Sin), and by the end of the episode, Sara had shared moments with both of her sisters, Laurel and Sin.

"Arrow" season 2 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. What did you think of episode 14, "Time of Death"?

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