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‘Arrow’ Stephen Amell cracks joke about armpit hair

Couple of things...
Couple of things...
Stephen Amell/Facebook/CW

Arrow” star Stephen Amell has a pretty good sense of humor and he’s not too proud to crack jokes about himself. According to his verified Facebook on January 31, Amell made some comments regarding Wednesday night’s episode. In “Tremors” fan can see a shirtless Stephen. The shirtless part comes as no surprise.

It’s the ladder arm climbing exercise where fans noticed the lack of armpit hair on Stephen. Amell felt compelled to write a little note to his Facebook fans explaining the hairless pits.

Couple of things... After a stretch of inactivity I'm shirtless in almost every episode for the rest of the season. Next, there was an incident filming where I scratched my arm / armpit on a tree branch. That meant we were going to be applying makeup because this cut didn't match the shows continuity, so I trimmed my armpit hair on one side. Then I didn't want to look like the guy with one trimmed armpit. So I did the other one. Then we blasted it with light and now I'm the guy who shaves his armpits and I HATE the guy who shaves his armpits. My SINCEREST apologies. It grew back.

According to most of the fan comments, no one noticed the lack of hair. Many however appreciated his clarification. Amell is always sure to please his fans with his constant Facebook wit and charm. Others focus on the fact that Stephen will be shirtless in every episode for the remainder of the season. One fan chimed in and said the shirtless scenes caused her to exercise more. For every scene Oliver appears shirtless in “Arrow” this particular fan will do 40 burpees.

“Arrow” appears on the CW Wednesday night at 7/8 p.m. EST

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