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'Arrow' spoilers, season 3 news: Oliver faces the 'Unthinkable' in episode 2x23

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The season two “Arrow” finale airs Wednesday night on the CW, and fans are eagerly anticipating a big show. There are some “Arrow” spoilers available for episode 2x23 thanks to TVLine on Tuesday, and there is season 3 renewal news out as well. What can viewers expect from the big finale?

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases that Oliver is going to be tested in a big way during the season 2 finale, which is titled “Unthinkable.” The available “Arrow” spoilers detail that Slade will kidnap someone key from Oliver's life, and death may be the end result. This forces Oliver to decide whether he is a hero or a killer. Which direction will he go on this one?

TV Guide teases a big “Arrow” spoiler regarding Wednesday's season 2 finale as well. Oliver has something big to offer to Roy Harper, and it seems likely fans are going to go crazy over this one. It looks as if there's going to be a situation where all hands are needed on deck to take care of business.

Oliver faces the dilemma that he made a vow not to kill anybody, but he may reach a point where he can't stick with that. Someone dies Wednesday night, and it sounds as if Oliver may face a lot of guilt over it. He grapples with the idea that had he killed earlier, perhaps this death wouldn't have occurred.

Slade threatens to kill the person Oliver loves the most, but will that be Felicity or Laurel? The “Arrow” spoiler pictures released by the CW show Slade with both women, and Guggenheim isn't dishing out specifics regarding which direction things head in terms of where Oliver's true feelings lie. However, a TV Guide teaser promo shows that Slade has Laurel and things do not look good for her survival, but folks won't know until late Wednesday night how it all plays out. It is said that viewers should expect some emotional moments between Oliver and Felicity.

Sara is back for the “Arrow” season 2 finale, and viewers will learn quite a bit more about what is going on with her. Fans will also get some intel regarding Diggle, Amanda and Layla in episode 2x23 as well. Oliver has a lot to handle and sort through as it all plays out in this big finale.

Ultimately “Arrow” spoilers for the season two finale tease that the episode sets things up for a very different season three. One person will die, but it is clear that the new episodes have big things in store for viewers. Fans will want to be sure they watch all the way through to the final scenes, as it seems there is a big Oliver and Felicity moment taking place at the end. The “Arrow” season two finale airs Wednesday night on the CW, with season three ahead this fall.