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'Arrow' season 3: EP Andrew Kreisberg on Oliver and Felicity and their date

Yes, Oliver and Felicity are going on a date in "Arrow" season 3, but details are scarce about what exactly goes down on that date. We tried to get the scoop from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg at San Diego Comic-Con, and on Monday, Aug. 4, we uploaded our press room roundtable video interview with him.

Andrew Kreisberg in the 'Arrow' press room at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video above or here to see what Kreisberg had to say. Plus, keep reading for the highlights of the EP's thoughts on "Olicity."

"You see them in an Italian restaurant," Kreisberg teased. "The date does not go exactly as planned for a variety of reasons, but it's funny because I think there were some people at the end of last season who thought it was sort of a bait-and-switch when he said 'I love you,' but we look at that scene on the beach afterwards, and the way that they're looking at each other, they're pretty much saying a lot of things without actually saying them out loud, so given that that is where we left them, it only felt right to honor that and pick up this part of the story where we do."

While there may be fans that want to see these characters take that next step, there are others who prefer to see them stay friends, but the EP hopes that this will "feel like an evolution." "They have so much chemistry, it's literally insane," he explained. "If they were our friends in real life, we would all be going, 'Dude, why aren't you two together?' There are other women on the show, like Amanda Waller, that he won't have had a relationship with." As you probably already know, the character of Felicity Smoak wasn't part of the plan in the beginning – or even when they first introduced her. "Once we saw those dailies and we saw what Emily [Bett Rickards] did to Stephen [Amell], especially early on, it was just this thing that just kept growing and growing and growing," he shared.

There are only so many people in the world who can understand what they do. "I think that's part of the emotional arc for this season for both her and for him is, can you really have a life, if you do this?" Kreisberg said. "So much of the last two seasons was about the morality of what they were doing. Am I a hero? Am I a killer? And now that he's sort of on the hero track, is this all there is? Am I just going to do this until I die? Are you going to be my friend? Can we be together? Can I be with anybody else if I'm not with you? Those are the questions that are being asked this year."

Season 3 is also going to introduce Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, who is a potential love interest for Felicity. "I will say that Emily read with Brandon for the part, so that is something we're exploring too, and as always with these things, it's a rocky road and there are complications and changes and obstacles," the EP revealed. "I think some people will get what they were looking for and other people will shake their fists. As always, we just do what feels like the next right step."

Check out the video for much more from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg on Oliver and Felicity. "Arrow" season 3 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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