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'Arrow' 2x21 'City of Blood' spoilers; Recap 2x20 Moira in 'Seeing Red'

Updated on April 30, 2014

'Arrow' season 2, episode 21 'City of Blood' promotional stills.
Alan Zenuk/The CW
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in "Arrow" season 2, episode 21
The CW "Arrow" Twitter

Shocking. That’s the first word that comes to mind (spoilers ahead) when referring to the tragic death of Moira Queen. Another word. Heartbreaking. A new sneak peek clip for this week's episode "City of Blood" airing Wednesday, April 30 at 8 p.m. ET was released by The CW on Tuesday, April 29. In the clip, Laurel discovers that Sebastian knew Slade was going to murder Moira.

A new promotional photo for this week's episode was also released by The CW on their “Arrow” Twitter account on Saturday, April 26 revealing a glum looking Oliver Queen following the aftermath of the tragic ending of this past week’s episode, "Seeing Red."

For almost two seasons, Oliver has been a hero and has saved the lives of many people, but unfortunately in “Seeing Red,” he couldn’t save the life of his own mother from Slade’s personal vendetta against him, and it was Moira who had to become the hero.

Moira’s love of her children shone brightly throughout the past episode. Flashbacks back to the island were on break, replaced by Starling City flashbacks, which revealed that Oliver got a girl pregnant while he was dating Laurel. In order to protect her son and to give him and her grandchild a future she felt they deserved, Moira gave the mom-to-be $2 million dollars to stay away from Oliver, leave town and lie to Oliver, telling him that she lost the baby.

In present time, Moira revealed another jaw-dropping moment when she told Oliver, “I know" – referring to his superhero activities – and “I could not be more proud.” In the end, Moira gave the ultimate sacrifice when Slade recreated the scene of Shado’s death replacing Shado and Sara with Oliver’s mom and Thea. Oliver couldn’t choose one life to save and Moira wouldn’t allow him to choose, making the choice for him, offering her life to save her daughter. Another heart-wrenching moment was when she said, “Thea, I love you. Close your eyes, baby,” shortly before her death.

After witnessing his mother’s murder by sword at the hands of Slade, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out if Oliver is starting to feel defeated, which seems to be the case as revealed by an official synopsis released by The CW for “City of Blood” provided by GreenArrowTV.

“OLIVER CONSIDERS HIS OPTIONS AGAINST SLADE — After Slade (Manu Bennett) threatens to take everything Oliver (Stephen Amell) loves away, Oliver decides the fastest way to stop further bloodshed is to surrender to his enemy. Knowing that surrender will surely lead to Oliver’s death, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) go to extreme measures to keep Oliver from confronting Slade. Meanwhile, Thea (Willa Holland) considers leaving town, and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) resumes her crusade against Sebastian Blood (guest star Kevin Alejandro). Finally, Slade unleashes his assault on Starling City. Michael Schultz directed the episode written by Holly Harold (#221).”

Oliver may feel defeated, but he’s not entirely ready to give up as revealed by photos released by The CW. In the photos, Oliver as The Arrow is fighting Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers, and it appears he’ll be getting some help from none other than Laurel. Could becoming The Black Canary still be in her future?

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