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‘Arrow’ season 2, episode 16 spoilers revealed: ‘Suicide Squad’ origins

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The CW has revealed spoilers for episode 16 of “Arrow” and has promised to provide answers to some of the questions from previous episodes. Entertainment Weekly reports on March 19 that the “Suicide Squad” episode will have multiple flashbacks and explain the origins of the squad. John Diggle is forced to work with them, and fans will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the villains’ past.

Forced to work with Lyla, Deadshot, Shrapnel and Bronze Tiger, Diggle is placed in an uncomfortable position that is made worse by the presence of his ex-wife. “Arrow” plans to exploit the emotional side of the Lyla and Diggle relationship with more clues about their past and current state.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim admits that Lyla was one of the main reasons for the episode, and the writers wanted to create a conflict that would tear her apart from Diggle. The Suicide Squad is an easy way to destroy a relationship since Diggle obviously does not approve.

The CW has also shared that Oliver Queen’s identity will become known to another person, but this may not happen until the season finale. In addition, the “Suicide Squad” episode will force Diggle to question his own ideals and remember his past in the war. There are hints that the squad may return in future episodes to help Diggle fight against Deathstroke. Writers have also promised that Oliver and Felicity are not over, so fans of the relationship are likely to see them together again.