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'Arrow' looks into Sebastian Blood

Maya: "Don’t trust what he says. You can’t trust Sebastian Blood."
Maya: "Don’t trust what he says. You can’t trust Sebastian Blood."
Diyah Pera/The CW

Detective Lance: “You know most cops, they meet their informants in the back of a cruiser or maybe a coffee shop or something. What’s with the mask?”

Roy: "You do help, every day. Honestly right now you are the only thing that’s keeping me together."
Diyah Pera/The CW

Arrow: “Gift from a friend.”

Detective Lance: “You have friends?”

“Blast Radius” is tonight’s episode of “Arrow.” If you haven’t seen it yet, beware of spoilers. To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Arrow” airs Wednesday nights at 7 on the CW, channel 5 for local Houstonians.

Simon, I mean Shrapnel, is going around blowing up buildings dealing with politicians. His storyline is a little disappointing. It would have been better to spend more time with Shrapnel, learning more about what motivates him or how he reacts when confronted with Arrow. Sure, there are glimpses. Shrapnel has a little speech in the car to himself, and he rigged his store to explode. Compared to other villains Arrow has come across, Shrapnel falls short. It’s a shame considering Sean Maher plays the role. Did the case of the week disappoint you too or no?

Look at Laurel doing something entertaining and productive! Ever since learning the Cyrus Gold connection, Laurel has become suspicious of Sebastian. It is great that she is the one investigating him while Detective Lance and Oliver are oblivious. Typically they are the ones uncovering someone’s dark or evil tendencies while Laurel does something else. Also, Laurel is suspicious of Sebastian as a person. Usually, Oliver searches for someone he thinks is responsible for doing something evil, and that is how certain people end up on his radar. This time the writers are doing it the other way around. It is great to see Laurel be interesting again. There’s a reference to her drug ways in this episode (Detective Lance saying he can’t find his pain pills) so that is still to come, but hopefully the writers do a decent job with that storyline. Was anyone else really proud of Laurel in this episode?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. Oliver and Felicity have a spat. This is definitely new territory for them, and it is necessary, I believe. Plus, in the end, it leads to a very cute moment between the two. Oh, and it keeps us updated on Barry’s prognosis since the lab accident. Roy does not seem too different after being injected. Yes, he is stronger and a little distant, but when you look at the flashbacks with Slade, Roy is doing pretty well. Perhaps Slade just got the worst end of it, or maybe Roy is about to go off the deep end. It is great to have the Slade and Roy comparison going, thanks to the flashbacks. Hopefully next week’s episode will feature more of a focus on how Roy is handling everything. What did you think of the episode?

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