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‘Arrow’ kills off major character; twist shocks fans with mid-season death

Susanna Thompson
Photo by Ben Gabbe

The killing on the CW Show Wednesday night has fans shocked. Nobody expected the Queen family matriarch Moira Queen (played by Susanna Thompson) to die. As the well-known actress helped get this series off the ground and she helped make it a success only after a couple of seasons. According to Newsday on Thursday, the shock was felt all across the TV world as fans didn't see one of the main characters being killed.

So how did this all go down? Slade Wilson gave Oliver Queen a choice of deaths. Neither was very appeasing. The choices were the mother, Moira Queen (played by Susanna Thompson) or sister, Thea (played by Willa Holland.) Deciding not to choose, the mother did and offered herself instead the sister. It was a brutal moment that had fans talking.

The news site Access Hollywood is reporting that “Arrow” Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg had a reason for the killing and it will help the show. Instead of coming up with a new secret for Moira to explore, the writers chose to end her story arc and this ended her time on the show. Moira Queen sacrificed herself and died to save her children. Or so the fans are told. There might be some underlining issues in the future around the sacrifice too. As “Arrow” fans know the show plants clues in every episode and over a season a story is developed.

The television world has seen a new set of rules when it comes to deaths on show series. Instead of ending with a death as a cliffhanger of a season, more and more shows are looking to purge characters in the middle of the seasons to avoid the lingering details over a vacation period. “Scandal,” “The Good Wife” and other shows have done this as well making fans nervous that their favorite character could be killed next.

“Arrow” returns to The CW on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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