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Arrow: ‘Identity’ – Season 2 Episode 2 Preview

The war against Oliver Queen and The Hood continues to ready its weaponry in the second episode of season two. Following the events of the season premiere (read review here), China White and the Triad make a return from the first season. Also Laurel takes the fight to the Vigilante.

Ollie strikes back against White China and Bronze Tiger!

Watch the promo for episode two!

Episode two of season two looks to continue the fast paced, chilling action with hopefully a few more slung arrows. ‘Identity’ slashes the deadly China White (Kelly Hu) and her cohort Bronze Tiger to cross paths with our beloved Green Arrow. Bronze Tiger is portrayed by Michael Jai White who guest stars alongside Kelly Hu. Brain and brawn are matched as the Green Arrow (yes we will start calling him that despite the show nearing the edge of our seats with anticipation) against the Triad led by China White and Bronze Tiger as they hijack medicine transported into Starling City. The Triad hopes to build their strength in hopes of controlling the city.

The other tidbits that will surely make this episode memorable, pits Laurel against her savior Green Arrow. A part of the District Attorney’s office, her fight to end vigilante reign be it Green Arrow or others will heighten to new extents.

The biggest factor in ‘Identity’ plays out between Roy and Thea. As he continues his ‘death wish’, again the police intervene as his rescue efforts against the Triad are squandered, booked and incarcerated soon follows. Thea provides Roy with the ultimatum to shake the landscape of their relationship.

The biggest question comes from fans… will they finally call him the freakin’ Green Arrow yet?! The episode title is labeled ‘Identity’ and Ollie is states his belief in secret identities. So the time must be here right?! Darn anticipation, please call him the Green Arrow!

‘Identity’ airs October 16th at 8/7 central!

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