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'Arrow' highlights of 'Birds of Prey' and spoilers of 'Deathstroke'

Stephen Amell
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 the all new "Arrow" episode titled "Birds of Prey" was aired on the CW and fans were provided a treat when the Huntress returned to kill her father. Oliver's woman got dressed up and did battle a couple of times in this episode. My favorite line of the episode was "Ollie sure likes to dress his women up" from Helena right before she sent the Canary (Sarah) out the window. This showdown only happened because Laurel convinced Sarah to do the right thing and go back to save the hostages that Helena was holding as leverage to trade for her father. Sarah went against Oliver's orders and joined Laurel in the soon to be failed rescue attempt.

Helena was rather pleased that after she sent Sarah flying through the window she had Laurel as a higher priced bargaining chip. She told Oliver that she would trade Laurel for her father. All this tied back to a flashback to the island where Sarah traded a man to Slade for Oliver. The episode ended in typical fashion, s showdown between good, bad and the masked. Helena's father met his demise but she was not the one who delivered the final blow, the bullets from the police that came bursting in to save him managed to take his life. This left Helena empty and hopeless as she was arrested.

Somewhere in all the hostage taking drama Oliver told Roy he was a danger to Thea and asked him to break up with her. He didn't want to but was convinced he would hurt her with his new strength and the fact that he couldn't control it so he did. Thea refused to allow him to break up with her so he decided to make out with one of the club waitresses and insured Thea saw the make out session. This put the nail in the coffin for that relationship, at least for now. If you missed yesterday's episode you can catch it online at the CW show page here.

If you read further you will be given a sneak peek into what is going to happen on April 2, 2014 episode titled "Deathstroke". We find out that Slade is Deathstroke. The final scene in "Birds of Prey" showed Thea getting a ride home with Slade next week we discover he kidnaps her and Oliver and his team are determined to save her. The action in the preview is explosive so it is a guarantee that action is going to take center stage in this episode. Roy also makes an appearance in the preview. Slade asks Arrow, "what are you going to do, kill me?" and we see him shoot an arrow into his enemy.

Are you excited about this upcoming episode? Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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