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'Arrow' finale spoilers: Someone will not make it to season 3

Fans of "Arrow" need to prepare themselves for one big death on tonight's episode. A major player will die, and they will not be around for season three when the series returns next fall. On May 13, Spoiler TV shared a new sneak peek for the episode, "Arrow" episode 2x23 titled "Unthinkable." Oliver will be tested during this finale, and this clip makes that very clear.

Can Oliver save the city without killing anyone?
The Arrow CW Facebook

What happens during the clip? Quentin arrives to tell Oliver that Slade has kidnapped Laurel. The father is upset that the city is falling apart, and now his daughter is being held by the man behind it all. He wants Arrow to save his daughter, but Oliver knows that the drone strike is coming. He might need to risk Laurel to save the city. However, Slade will also kidnap Felicity, and Andrew Kreisberg did tease to TV Line that Oliver will discover things about the two women in his life with their lives in jeopardy.

Another sneak peek for the episode was shared by The Arrow CW Facebook page. This sneak peek reveals that Arrow's hideaway has been compromised, and Oliver tries to come up with a plan to take down Slade's men. Diggle's wife is back, and she is there to help the team. Oliver is still very intent on solving the city's problems with no killing.

Another spoiler for the episode reveals that the episode will have an extended run time. The episode will have an extra minute, and fans are being told that Flash will make his debut during the "Arrow" finale. It isn't clear if fans will just see a trailer for the new series, or if Flash will come in to help Oliver save Starling City. Barry is at STAR Labs, so it is possible that he could suit up and join the action. Fans will need to tune in to find out if he is part of the action later tonight.

What do you think? Are you excited to see what happens during tonight's finale? Who will die to end season two? Share your predictions below.

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