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'Arrow' finale: Oliver will have more than one battle on his hands

Fans of "Arrow" need to prepare themselves for Oliver's final battle with Deathstroke, but Oliver will battle more than his former friend as season two comes to a close. On April 22, Spoilers Guide shared new spoilers for the season two finale, and big things are definitely coming up on this series.

Oliver will face many challenges as season two of Arrow ends.
The Arrow CW Facebook

Slade Wilson wants to ruin Oliver's life completely, and he is well on his way to doing that already. He ruined the relationship he had with Thea, took his company, and the season isn't even over yet. This season's finale will not be a one episode affair. The three final episodes will be a huge send off for season two, and a death before the end of the season has been teased once again. The death won't necessarily happen during the finale either.

As for Roy, he will be dangerous. That much will be made painfully clear to Oliver on this week's episode. A clip for "Arrow" episode 2x20 titled "Seeing Red" has been shared by The Arrow CW Facebook page, and Roy is out of control. Sara and Oliver head out as their alter egos to find him. When they do, there is a battle, and Roy does some damage to Oliver before he escapes. Will Oliver be able to help Roy return to normal before the end of the season?

Andrew Kreisberg did share another spoiler for the finale as well. The final episode of season two will be a "24" style episode. It will be in real time. This is definitely new for the series. The end of season two will definitely set up a new journey for Oliver next season. It has already been teased that season three will be drastically different for Oliver Queen.

What do you think? Are you ready to see the final battle between Oliver and Slade? "Arrow" will continue to air on CW on Wednesday nights.

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