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'Arrow' 'Blind Spot' recap: Nothing's what it seems to be

Arrow -- "Blind Spot" -- Pictured: Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson
Arrow -- "Blind Spot" -- Pictured: Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson
Jack Rowand/The CW

"Arrow" season 2 continued Wednesday, Jan. 22, with episode 11, "Blind Spot," in which Laurel's investigation into Sebastian Blood landed her – and him – in trouble, Roy lost control of his super strength, and Sara made a call she'd regret on the island.

A lesson in crossing the wrong guy As this "Arrow" episode began, Blood played the concerned "nephew" and visited his aunt and told her he forgave her after she told him about Laurel's visit, but then she was visited by the man in the mask and then she was dead. So much for forgiveness. Laurel (still popping pills) was so sure he was responsible once she found out and tried to get Donner's help, but he refused because it would mean the end of his career if he lost after the Vertigo incident. So she turned to her father for his connection to the Arrow.

Laurel met the Arrow on the roof, explained everything she had learned about Blood, and told him that he was the only one who could stop him. It was then Team Arrow's turn to do some investigating to see if Laurel's information checked out, beginning with seeing if Blood had killed his father. The only problem was the case file was over 27 years old, so there was no digital copy for Felicity to hack. Oliver had to go into the city archives, but he wouldn't know where to look. That meant the Arrow had to bring Laurel along with him. It seemed like it was going so well – Felicity hacked the cameras, Laurel began looking through the files – but then they managed to find the one rent-a-cop on all of television who could reboot the system, and while they did escape out the window after the police showed up with the file, it was empty.

Blood would have had access, making him a possible suspect, and so Oliver "dropped by" his campaign headquarters for a "casual visit," claiming to be worried about Laurel. All that did was put Laurel on Blood's radar, and the alderman told Oliver he'd take care of her, something he'd have no choice about doing after Slade paid him a visit to get rid of the problem. (Oh, and Slade was the one who told Blood to get close to Laurel.) Fortunately for the bad guys, Laurel had that drug problem, and with a warrant, Blood's Officer Daily found the pills prescribed to her father and arrested her. Because of the way Laurel had been spiraling and the pill-popping, Lance blamed the addiction and didn't believe his daughter, but when Oliver took her home and confronted her about not letting anyone know she needed help, they were attacked, Laurel was taken, and Oliver was left unconscious.

A note was left for the Arrow, but when he went to rescue her, after another impressive fight (because "Arrow" doesn't know any other way to do fights), Laurel ended up shooting the man in the mask and when they removed the mask, it wasn't Blood. It was Daily, and the police were happy to just blame him for everything. Lance blamed the booze and the pills for Laurel's accusations against Blood, and because of her substance abuse problem, she lost her job. Blood too suffered for his negligence, as Slade/Deathstroke slaughtered his men and warned him that if he failed again, he too would be dead.

Someone needed to learn control Roy continued to pretend everything was normal around Thea (and Oliver), but he told Sin the truth because he couldn't not tell someone, and she was the lucky winner to get a front row seat to the show (and no, he wasn't juicing). They decided to track down a guy killing prostitutes in the Glades, and so Thea was tasked to dress Sin slutty for "a first date." But when it came to stopping the guy who picked her up, Roy went too far and the guy landed in the hospital in critical condition. Sin called Thea, who found out that Roy had put him there without finding out exactly how. When she mentioned it to Oliver, he suited up and Arrow explained he knew all about the serum and offered to train him. (You can see photos of that from next week's episode here.)

Maybe she shouldn't have called him Back on the island, Oliver and Sara returned to the plane, hoping Slade was there, but he wasn't. She suggested they consider Ivo's offer and go home, explaining that he had kept her safe on the ship. Oh, and by the way, before all of this, Sara had snuck out to one of Tommy's parties to see Oliver because she had a huge crush on him and Laurel tipped off her father, getting the party broken up and Sara grounded for a month, and in that month's time, Oliver and Laurel got together. "Not everybody's what they seem," she told him.

While he was sleeping, she radioed in to Ivo, who played the caring protector, who promised she was never in danger and he never would've killed her and needed her to save him, but when she refused because of what she'd seen him do to the people on the boat, he changed his song and instead warned her that he'd torture her and Oliver. She turned off the radio, and with that, it was time to go find Slade.

"Arrow" season 2 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. What did you think of episode 11 "Blind Spot"?

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