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'Arrow' begins training Roy

Oliver: “You hacked into a prison system network?”

Oliver: "It was the look in Roy’s eyes. It was Slade all over again."
Cate Cameron/The CW
Roy: "First water slapping and now this, when are you going to stop trying to make me look stupid?"
Cate Cameron/The CW

Felicity: “Is that judgment I’m hearing?”

Oliver: “Pride.”

“Tremors” is tonight’s episode of “Arrow.” If you haven’t seen it yet, beware of spoilers. To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Arrow” airs Wednesday nights at 7 on the CW, channel 5 for local Houstonians.

Roy is now undergoing Arrow boot camp! It’s amusing to see Oliver putting Roy through similar training techniques that he had to do on the island. Roy has the same view on slapping water that Oliver had. They have an interesting dynamic, and so it is great to see more of them one on one. As soon as Oliver starts debating on how to get Roy to trust him, it is clear that Oliver is going to de-hood. Still, it is great that it finally happens. It is surprising that Roy doesn’t recognize Oliver when they are that close to each other in broad daylight. Team Arrow gains another member! What will be great to watch is how Roy interacts with Diggle and Felicity, since they are the ones who are suspiscious of Roy. Are you glad that Roy knows?

Laurel is spiraling hard. Detective Lance can’t reach her. Oliver can’t reach her, and so he calls Sara! Sadly, she only shows up at the end of the episode, but there is great potential. Drunk Laurel is not all that entertaining. It will be interesting to see how Sara tries to get through to Laurel. Hopefully the fact that she may get disbarred will help Laurel get motivated to turn her life around. Right now it doesn’t seem like Laurel has anything to live for. What are your hopes for Laurel and Sara next episode?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. Moira is going to run for mayor. Honestly, it is hard to figure out what to think. Perhaps this will give Moira something entertaining to do. Plus, Sebastian Blood could use some competition. The Bronze Tiger returns! He gets lots of visitors in prison. It is always great when the writers bring back a villain. Any theories on what squad he is joining? What are your thoughts?

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