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‘Arrow’ 2x23 ‘Unthinkable’ spoilers; Recap 2x22 ‘Streets of Fire’

'Arrow' season 2, episode 22 'Streets of Fire'
Cate Cameron/The CW

The sure-to-be exciting “Arrow” season finale “Unthinkable” airs tonight, Wednesday, May 14, on The CW at 8 p.m. ET.

According to the synopsis released by The CW for ‘Unthinkable’ via GreenArrowTV, Slade plans to kill one more person that Oliver loves. All year, Oliver has fought to be more than the killer he once was, but when Slade kidnaps someone close to Oliver, he realizes that sometimes the unthinkable is what has to be done. Diggle and some friends take on Amanda Waller, while Thea turns to Roy.

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Here’s a recap of what happened last week on “Arrow” season 2, episode 22 “Streets of Fire”:

Oliver and Laurel survived the tunnel collapse, and it appears that the Mirakuru soldiers didn’t, however Laurel is trapped behind the debris caused by Oliver’s explosive arrow. Next to her are Oliver’s bow and arrow. With Oliver’s guiding voice, Laurel shoots an explosive arrow into the debris, allowing her to escape from the rubble with Oliver by her side.

Diggle and a costumed Isabel are battling. Diggle is down on the ground when Isabel is asking about the whereabouts of Felicity, and there she is, running over Isabel with a van. Isabel gets up, but not before Felicity and Diggle are able to escape.

Laurel and Oliver meet up with Felicity and Diggle. Laurel takes off to meet up with her father –who was able to defeat the Mirakuru soldier in the precinct with the help of three hand grenades – even though Oliver didn’t want her to go by herself. Laurel told Oliver that she didn’t need him right now, and told him, “Go save the city.” Oliver, Felicity and Diggle go in search of the Mirakuru cure and the S.T.A.R. Labs courier, whose car was attacked by a Mirakuru soldier. Unfortunately, Slade is listening to the conversation, and sends a Mirakuru soldier to go find him. Right before Oliver, Felicity and Dig can get to the courier, he is killed and the cure is stolen.

The Mirakuru soldiers are causing terror throughout Starling City. Quentin is able to convince the lieutenant and his fellow officers to work with The Arrow. The lieutenant uses the word "Vigilante," and Quentin corrects him saying "The Arrow." Quentin gets promoted back to detective. (He may have lost his badge because of his involvement with the Vigilante during the Undertaking, so it seems fitting that he gets promoted back to detective because of his involvement with The Arrow.)

As a Mirakuku soldier is attacking Thea in the airport, a masked Malcolm in full costume, saves her, shooting an explosive arrow at her attacker, right before removing his mask, and saying, “I’m her father.” Thea is shocked and scared, so she takes off. Malcolm follows her, and tries to convince Thea to come with him, but she wants nothing to do with him.

Mirakuru soldiers are advancing on Laurel, but a costumed Sara comes to her rescue. Laurel reveals to Sara that she knows it’s her. Laurel calls Sara a hero, but Sara doesn’t feel that way, so Laurel gives her a pep talk. Quentin plans to meet up with Laurel, who told him that she was with Sara, but before he can get to them, Sara runs into a burning building, and saves a woman’s daughter. Sara takes off. The woman asks who that was, and Laurel replies, “That’s The Canary.” Sara minus her costume meets Laurel and Sara in the precinct. One of the officers refers to the blonde woman, who saved the child, as a hero.

Sebastian turns against Slade after seeing that Slade’s army isn’t just terrorizing the people; they are killing them. Sebastian’s office staff was killed, and so was the district attorney. He realizes that Slade just wants to hurt Oliver. Slade vowed that he would take away everything Oliver loves. “Oliver loves this city,” he says to Sebastian.

Sebastian steals the cure, and calls Oliver. Dig brings Roy’s body to the Clock Tower since their foundry has been compromised. Oliver leaves Felicity with Roy, and goes with Dig to meet Sebastian, who hands over the cure. For his betrayal, Slade has Isabel kill Sebastian with a sword through the chest.

Oliver decides that they have to test the cure. He wants to test it on Roy, but he can’t. However, he finds the willpower to go through with it after discovering that A.R.G.U.S. is blocking the city’s exits, and Amanda Waller has sent a drone to destroy Starling City. Oliver has until dawn to save the city.

Thea is able to get her hands on a gun. She aims it at Malcolm, and she appears to have shot him.

Back on the island, Oliver realizes that Slade must have taken Sara. He goes to rescue her, but not before giving instructions to Anatoli to destroy the ship if him and Sara don’t return in an hour. He finds Sara, and wants her to escape, but he wants to try and save Slade before saving himself. Sara goes with him. Both, Oliver and Sara, are captured by Slade.

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