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'Arrow' 2x23 'Unthinkable': Doing what it takes

Detective Lance: "Listen, I know you’re scared. You wouldn't be human if you weren't."
Detective Lance: "Listen, I know you’re scared. You wouldn't be human if you weren't."
Photo Courtesy Of Cate Cameron/The CW

Detective Lance: “Look, I know you said you’re trying another way, and I respect that. But Slade Wilson, his men, they’re monsters. And monsters, they need to be destroyed. You’ve killed before. Tonight I suggest you get back in the habit.”

Slade: "The mirakuru isn't what made me hate you."
Photo Courtesy Of Cate Cameron/The CW

“Unthinkable” is the May 14 episode of “Arrow.” If you haven’t seen it yet, beware of spoilers. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Arrow” returns this fall on the CW.

Oliver is tested during this episode. I love that he is going to follow Nyssa and the league and start killing people, but it is Felicity who brings him back. She keeps him grounded. The conversation at Queen mansion was obviously a set up. There wasn’t a doubt about it. Felicity plays a huge role in this episode. She trusts Oliver enough to let herself be bait, and then she manages to inject Slade with the cure. Oliver and Felicity’s relationship has become one of my personal favorites.

Roy is cured! He is also given his own little red mask (aww), and Oliver talks about how he has survived a crucible. Let’s hope Oliver and Roy’s relationship doesn’t go through the hardships that Slade and Oliver went through. I’m glad that Oliver didn’t just dump Roy after being cured. He can be a great addition to Team Arrow. Maybe next season we will see him fighting alongside Oliver. What are your Roy hopes for next season?

At times, the flashbacks were jarring. It is all intense in Starling City, and then we are on a sub. However, at the fight scene between Oliver and Slade is great with the flashbacks The parallel really works. Even though we don’t see Shado in the future, the hallucination scenes on the sub do a good job of giving viewers a sense of what made Slade so twisted, and probably why he is still that way even though he is no longer juiced up with mirakuru. He has had Shado whispering all sorts of things in his ear for years.

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to see where Thea is going. She really needed a wakeup call, and now she has gotten it. I am a little concerned that Thea will go dark side, but hey, at least then she will be lot more interesting. Hopefully we see Thea and Malcolm training montages or something. What are your Thea hopes and theories?

Sara goes back with the League of Assassins at the end of it. She says it is a price to getting them to help save Starling. I’m a little torn on this. Sara seems happy with this decision at the end of the episode, but she ran away for a reason. Maybe she thinks this is the right thing to do after realizing quitting killing people and acting more like Oliver is a little more difficult than she thought. I hope to see Sara again really soon because she is a fascinating character. Will you miss Sara?

The island scenes answer some questions. We learn why Oliver thought that Sara was dead, once again, she gets sucked down by water in a sinking ship. I don’t know why she gets on a boat at the end. I would steer clear. We also see why Oliver thought Slade was dead. Oh, and holy plot twist! Once again, we learn that Oliver had escaped the island during the 5 years he was marooned there. The Amanda Waller/ARGUS twist is interesting. I need more of a time frame though. How long had Oliver been on the island when this happened?

What did you think of the finale? I will not accept anything other than Detective Lance living, you got that, writers? What are your thoughts on everything the finale sets up for season three? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.